What is the yard arm on a ship

Translation of "a yardarm" in German

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Unless he's hanging from a yardarm, not one of His Majesty's ships is safe.
In addition, it is a long established custom that a ship visiting a foreign port flies the flag of the country which it is visiting at a yardarm.
In addition, it is a widespread custom for a ship entering a foreign port to be attached to one Rah the flag of Country of residence.
horns were to be the extremities of the cross. For in a yardarm, which is part of a cross, the extreme ends are called horns, while the unicorn is the upright middle post.
Because also on the transomthat forms one half of the cross, the ends are called horns, but the unicorn Center stake of the scaffolding.

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Yet some would like to see him hung from the nearest poor yard.
That he'd be hung from the highest poor yard.
That he is at the highest Rahnock would hang.
The sun's past the poor yard.
Not until the sun is over the poor yard?
Let me hang Mr. Shaw now from my poor yard.
Dave, Sherby doesn't think the Navy hangs people from yardarms anymore.
He commanded 'full speed ahead' and went to the poor yard.
He ordered 'full speed ahead' and went to the Nock.
If I may make so bold, they'd look very well hanging from the poor yard.
If the PM gets to hear of this, he'll hang me from the poor yard.
If the prime minister finds out about it, he'll tie me in Mast up.
It's even said that crews threatened to hang their captain from the poor yard if he refused to turn back.
Some ship's crews threatened to hang their captain if he didn't turn back would.
You mean that guy hanging from the poor yard?
Raised from the highest poor yard until sun reds your skin.
You will be at the highest Hanging yarduntil the sun scorches your skin!
So, pirate that I am, I find myself obliged to have your hanged from ... the poor yard of your beloved "Neptune".
And as the pirate that I am, I feel obliged to tie you up ... to the Rah Your beloved "Neptune".
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