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Nobody wants to hear "sweet": Really good compliments for men

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Most of the time we are far too cautious, or absorbed by the small and big worries of everyday life, when it comes to making our loved ones feel good. Compliments are such a nice thing. Especially when they just come without a specific reason.

On a Monday morning or in the middle of the supermarket ... Compliments also make us happy and proud. The man by our side is no different. So open your mouth and say more often what you think and feel. That makes the world a little more beautiful.

Not every compliment goes down well with men

It is of course important to find the right words. "You're cute!" or "The men in front of you weren't really as good in bed as you" are more like a grip on the toilet. So we thought about what good compliments are for men - and what not to say.

There is ONE golden rule that applies to all compliments: You should be honest, personal and ... come from the heart. Any flat phrases that you say "just like that" to your loved one in order to make them happy are rather counterproductive. Nevertheless, we have found some great ideas for compliments for men that might inspire you ... We also reveal a few things that men don't like to hear!

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1. Spontaneous expressions of love

We usually talk far too little about our feelings. Especially when the first phase of euphoria in the relationship is over, we often save on compliments and expressions of love. It is so easy to make the partner at our side happy with just a few words. It doesn't always have to be the classic "I love you". Men also like to hear what exactly makes them so special.

Better not: "You're so sweet!" - In all honesty: do you want to hear something like that? You are intelligent, funny, understanding, empathetic, exciting, charming, sexy - everything. But sweet?!

Better: "You are everything to me / my dream man / my great love / my favorite person!"

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2. Compliments to Men: Small Talents

A little recognition every now and then, that's good for all of us. And men especially. The gentlemen of creation can seem so self-confident and cool: A little praise, or even better, a sign of admiration, are like balm for their tender soul! So if you tell your loved one, when the opportunity arises, that you admire them for a certain skill or deed, you are guaranteed to see a happy man before you.

But be careful: the compliment must of course be honest and must not sound benevolent maternal under any circumstances. Nothing worse than making him feel like a little boy! After all, he doesn't want to be mothered, but rather to feel how great you think him is.

For example: "I think it's really impressive how well you know about wine." Each of us has special abilities. And be it just to recognize a song after the first few bars or to sizzle great pancakes. Why not say something about it?

3. Compliments to Men: His Appearance

Yes, men are vain too and they too pretzel up for a meeting with their lady of the heart. You can also praise the man when he looks more than pleasing: his smile, his body, his look, ... Let him feel that the woman at his side (still) thinks he is great!

Better not: "The shirt is from the new collection from XY, right?" - No pig beyond teenage age interests.

Better: "You look gorgeous today!" or "I like your dimples / your eyes / your hair / your freckles!". This shows that the other is paying attention and is looking at you closely. And that feels great. Men are no different from us women.

4. Compliments for Men: Plans and Goals

For example: "I'm so proud of you that you haven't smoked for three weeks." Showing interest in the other is always important. If he is currently trying to do more sport, quit smoking or save up for a new car, one should expressly praise even small partial successes. That spurs him on.

5. Compliments To Men: His Sexual Qualities

Attention. This subject is a minefield. So think first, then talk.

Better not: "You do a lot better than my ex." Compare with predecessors. Nobody wants to imagine how their own partner was intimate with others. Just the thought of it is enough.

Better: "I love it when you do XY!" or: "That was just incredibly hot with you!"

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6. Compliments that are difficult

That too is sure to go down well with him: if you are willing to admit mistakes from time to time and show him greatness. For example, by saying to him: "You were right. I was completely wrong!"

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7. Compliments on the phone

Compliments via WhatsApp or SMS are nice because you can use them in a surprising way. Just send a nice text message to your partner in the morning and you have sweetened your day.

Better not:Send pre-installed love SMS from the iPhone. Doesn't work at all.

Better: "I am happy that you are in my life!" or "You are the best that could have happened to me!"

8. Compliments at the right moment

Compliments are especially nice when you praise someone in front of other people. Then the compliment shouldn't be too intimate. Him to the friends "This is my great love" to introduce him should certainly be more than happy.

Also nice: if you completely surprise him with the compliment. Be it when you are standing together in the subway, at the checkout in the supermarket or renovating your apartment. The element of surprise counts!

And now it's time for the bacon, girls! You pay the next compliment and his smile will reward you royally.

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