M83 is working on a new album


On her debut album "Nothing's Real" (2016), Shura aka Aleksandra Denton happened to be an ambassador for the lonely and excluded. The themes of fear, unrequited love and outsiderhood were expressed in fantastic bedroom pop influenced by 80s Madonna, Janet Jackson via Fleetwood Mac. Since the viral hit "Touch" and its breathtaking video, at the end of which Shura was left alone, an international fan base has been waiting for another album full of "Heartbreak anthems".

Shura began working on new material after touring for two years. The period ended with an intensive eight-week stay in the USA, during which she shared a stage with bands like Tegan and Sara and M83.

Now Shura is back with their new single “BKLYNLDN”. The track was released by their new label home, Secretly Canadian. After her acclaimed debut "Nothing's Real" (2016), "BKLYNLDN" is the first taste of Shura's long awaited second album that she is currently working on.

"BKLYNLDN" marks the beginning of a new chapter for Shura musically, geographically and emotionally. The timeless look at romantic longing over a long, geographical distance - although told through the modern perspective of apps, text messages and terrifying silence - is a cinematic, highly intimate look at what presence and absence mean in modern relationships. A passionate, tangible song about connection in unpredictable times. And despite the tidy tonal palette, the unmistakable sound of Shura.