What a coffee grinder for the French press

Ideal coffee grinder for a French press?

You want a coarse grind for coffee from the French press. The key is to let the coffee steep long enough to make a strong brew. I've got good results with a steep 5 minute time. Be sure to use a timer and compare different times to find the optimal brew. Usually when you are at altitude you need to add time as boiling water is cooler. (Note that I'm at 5000 feet so 5 minutes may be too long for you.)

Below is a picture of the coarsely ground coffee pieces on a US 5 cent coin (21.21 mm in diameter).

The picture is from this article.

EDIT: The reason for using a coarse grind on a French press is because finer grinds get stuck in the filter and / or slide through. This has three potential problems: 1) It is harder to push the filter down, which can potentially lead to spillage or breakage. 2) your coffee is ground; 3) The coffee can become bitter as the finer grinders that have passed through the filter stay in contact with the coffee for too long.


I am inclined to choose your answer so far, but the thing is, I did what you describe. Also, my girlfriend made the coffee this morning. She used 5 heaping tablespoons to 18 ounces of water. Should we just increase it to 6 tbsp? (3 ounce to 1 heaping tablespoon ratio) - We chose 18 ounces because that appears to make exactly 2 cups of coffee.


@Pretzel: You could try drinking more coffee, but that sounds fine to me. I would look for other factors that could be causing the problem (has it been a long time since the beans were roasted? Isn't the roast dark enough?). Also, make sure the "coarse" grind in the store really gives you the right size - chances are the grinder is just bad. So try to use other grinders. If you're using a finer grind and still avoid problems 1-3 above, then it's coarse enough!


Oops! You probably meant 25 cent coin, not 10! Other than that, you did it!