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Invalidity pension, occupational disability pension, disability pension

Some people can no longer work.
For example, because they had an accident.
Or because they got a serious illness.
These people can apply for a pension.

The pension has 3 different names:

Invalidity Pension

That's the name of her Pension for the workers.
For the craftsmen, for example.
Invalidity means:
Inability to work due to illness or as a result of an accident.

Occupational disability pension

That's the name of her Pension for the employees.
For example, for people who work in a bank or in an office.

Disability pension

That's the name of her Pension for self-employed people.
For doctors, for example.
Or for people who have a business.

We use the word invalidity pension in our text.

When can you get the disability pension?

This must all apply to you:

  • A doctor confirms that
    that you can no longer work.
  • You cannot retire yet:
    You are still too young.
  • You have paid enough money into the pension insurance.
  • You can't get a new job
    or relearn a new profession.

Where do you apply for the disability pension?

You talk to your doctor first.
Then contact your pension insurance company.
The pension insurance will check your health
and then decide.

This is how the pension insurance can decide:

  • You can definitely no longer work:
    You will receive an invalidity pension.
  • You can no longer work for at least 6 months:
    You get a temporary pension or rehabilitation.
  • You will be able to go back to work soon:
    you receive no Pension and no Rehabilitation.

Temporary disability pension

You will receive an invalidity pension for a maximum of 2 years.
Do you need more time?
Then you have to apply for the pension again in good time.

Only some people receive the temporary disability pension.
Only people who in front were born in 1964.
People born in 1964 or later,
get rehabilitation.


Rehabilitation means restoration.
Something should be like it was before.
You should be able to work again as before.

There are 2 types of rehabilitation:

  • medical rehabilitation
  • vocational rehabilitation

At medical rehabilitation you get
various treatments.
This should help you get well again.

The treatments last 6 months or more.
You will receive money every month during this time.
The money is called Rehabilitation money.

With vocational rehabilitation you get retraining.
You are learning a new profession.

An example:
A roofer fell off the roof.
He was very badly injured in the process.
He can no longer climb a roof.
But he can work on a computer in the office.
He gets IT courses.

You will receive money every month during the retraining period.
The money is called Retraining money.

Last updated: September 9, 2019