What sport should I do?

How to find the right sport

It is never too late to start exercising because those who are physically active live much healthier lives. Anyone who has made the plan to integrate a sporting activity into their everyday life can choose from a long list of sports, from A for aerobics to Z for decathlon. So the question arises: “Which of the numerous sports suits me?” Or “Which sport could I enjoy doing?”. Because the fun factor helps in the fight against the attraction of the sofa as an important motivation to pursue the sporting activity regularly as planned.

The following post provides tips for decision-making and an overview of some sports in terms of their suitability.

Inside or outside? Alone or in company?

The first step in making a decision about the right sport is to be aware of your own preferences. Anyone who likes to be outside and is insensitive to wind and weather is a candidate for a sport that is practiced outdoors. If you prefer to have a roof over your head so as not to be exposed to rain and cold, you can z. B. register in a fitness studio for equipment training or fitness courses or (if necessary with the appropriate equipment) complete the fitness program comfortably at home.

The question of whether one would rather be active in sports alone or in company can also be an important decision criterion. Those who value being able to practice their sport spontaneously and independently at any time choose a sport discipline that they can pursue independently of other and time-bound appointments. If you like it sociable and perhaps see the participation of other athletes as a motivational aid, choose a sport that you can do together with a partner or in a team. And those who like to measure themselves against others should prefer a sport that requires an opponent.

What do I want to achieve? What do I want to train?

An important selection criterion when looking for a suitable sport is the question of the desired goal. If you have made a plan to exercise in order to reduce your body weight, i.e. lower your body fat percentage, endurance sport is recommended. And even if the personal target is to increase general physical fitness and general well-being with the chosen sport, endurance sports slide up on the list of suitable sports disciplines. If, on the other hand, the targeted building of muscles and the gain of muscle mass are in the foreground, weight training should be practiced. And those who tend to think of a holistic concept for body and mind when asked about the right sport can choose between various gentle forms of movement.

Which sport fulfills which criteria?

In order to decide which sport is the right one for you personally, it is essential to know which criteria the various types of sport meet. The following overview presents some sports in terms of suitability and training effect.

to jog

Suitable for: In principle, this endurance sport is suitable for people of all ages who like to be outside and want to be active on their own. But it can also be a suitable sport for sociable athletes, because you can of course look for a running partner or join a running group.

If you basically like the sport when the weather is nice, but the sporting mood in inhospitable weather conditions tends to be all too willingly into a sofa mood, you can get a treadmill for the bad weather days. Then hail, black ice, snow and storm are no longer an obstacle to a round of endurance sports.

Jogging is not suitable for heavily overweight people as a sport to lose weight, as the excess pounds put a strain on the joints.

Training is provided: Jogging strengthens the cardiovascular system, strengthens the immune system and improves general physical performance. It especially trains the muscles of the feet, calves, thighs and glutes.

Nordic walking

Suitable for: Walking quickly with sticks is suitable for people who like to exercise in the fresh air, whether alone or in company. It is ideal for young and old, for newcomers to sports, those returning to the sport, advanced and for overweight people who want to practice endurance sport that is easy on the joints, ligaments and tendons to promote weight loss.

The following is trained: Nordic walking strengthens the heart and circulation and stimulates the metabolism and fat burning. The full-body workout trains the arm, chest, shoulder, back, buttocks and leg muscles.

To go biking

Suitable for: Cycling is suitable for all ages. Those who like to let the fresh wind blow around their noses can easily integrate this endurance sport into their everyday life and cover the everyday shopping trips on the bike or go on long bike tours in a sociable group. If you don't like to go without cycling in snow and slippery conditions, you can simply buy an exercise bike or ergometer and complete the training units in your own four walls if necessary.

Since the majority of the body weight is carried by the saddle, cycling is particularly gentle on the joints and is therefore an ideal sporting activity to promote the reduction of body fat in people who are overweight.

Training is provided: cycling strengthens the cardiovascular system, stimulates blood circulation, oxygen supply and metabolism, and strengthens the immune system and the lungs. It strengthens the calf and thigh muscles and trains the trunk, shoulder and arm muscles.


Suitable for: The joint-gentle individual sport is suitable for children, seniors and overweight people, for fitness beginners and professionals. If the swimming movements are carried out correctly, healthy endurance sport is ideal to relieve muscle tension, e.g. B. to solve in the neck and shoulder area, as well as back pain and problems with the spine, as this is relieved by the buoyancy of water.

The following is trained: Swimming strengthens the heart and circulation, strengthens the heart and respiratory muscles, and stimulates blood circulation and metabolism. Movement in the water trains the arm, shoulder, neck, neck, back, abdominal and leg muscles.


Suitable for: Rowing is suitable for nature lovers who like to do sports alone (one), with a partner (two) or with several (four or eight). The rowing sport can be practiced by beginners and advanced riders of all ages and also those who are very overweight to increase general fitness or to reduce the percentage of body fat.

If you cannot do the sport in the great outdoors because there is no suitable body of water in the immediate vicinity, you can simply buy a rowing machine and practice the joint-friendly, low-injury endurance sport comfortably and comfortably at home. Then you are definitely sitting alone in the boat, but you can also train at any time regardless of the weather.

Training is provided: The effective full-body training strengthens the cardiovascular system and the heart muscle, promotes blood circulation and reduces the risk of vascular deposits, strengthens breathing and stabilizes the immune system. Rowing trains coordination as well as the arm, shoulder, back, abdominal, gluteal, thigh and calf muscles.


Suitable for: Tennis is suitable for young and old, for beginners and professionals who like to play against opponents alone or together with a partner. This ball sport is not recommended for people with back, hip, knee or shoulder problems.

The following is trained: Tennis promotes endurance, trains reactivity, coordination and balance as well as the arm, shoulder, back, abdominal, buttock and leg muscles.

Strength machine training

Suitable for: A strength machine training is suitable for beginners, beginners and advanced users, even in old age. To build up muscles with the help of a weight machine, you can register in a fitness studio and train there under the guidance of qualified specialists or, if you want to save the monthly membership fees and shape the training situation at home according to your own ideas, buy a multi-gym for home use.

Training takes place: Different muscle groups can be specifically trained on a power machine. Building or maintaining muscle mass ensures physical performance and mobility. Strong leg muscles, for example, provide security when walking and standing, and strong core muscles ensure an upright posture and prevent back problems.


Suitable for: Yoga is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels who want to bring body and mind into harmony through gentle movements, postures, breathing and meditation exercises. Anyone who has learned the basics under supervision in a yoga course can practice the form of movement at any time alone at home, in closed rooms or in the garden.

Training is provided: Yoga trains mobility, coordination and the ability to concentrate, strengthens muscles, ligaments and tendons and relieves tension and blockages. The gentle form of movement has a positive effect on the flow of energy, strengthens the circulation, the respiratory organs and promotes blood circulation and metabolism.

Tai chi

Suitable for: Tai Chi is suitable for people of all ages, weight classes and fitness levels. The movement system originally developed from a martial art should be learned under expert guidance (courses are offered in Tai Chi schools, in some sports clubs and adult education centers). This health sport, which is characterized by slow and flowing movements, is particularly suitable for back and joint problems.

The following is trained: Tai Chi addresses all muscle groups, improves body control, posture and flexibility, strengthens the cardiovascular system and the immune system, stimulates blood circulation and relieves tension.

First the health check, then the sport

Anyone who has made the decision to get active in sports should - whether new or returning - consult their doctor before they put the plan into practice and start exercising. When visiting the doctor, questions about the medical history and illnesses within the family are clarified and some examinations such as B. the measurement of blood pressure and a resting ECG performed.

Do you like the idea of ​​being able to train comfortably in your own four walls with a home exercise machine at any time? - Here you will find a wide range of sports equipment for the home.