Academic research laboratories are considered to be non-profit organizations

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Discounted software licenses from

Until January 31, 2010 there was a specially negotiated software framework agreement between Microsoft and the German Evangelical Alliance (DEA), which enabled institutions that work on the basis of the DEA to obtain Microsoft licenses cheaply.
This contract has expired and has unfortunately NOT been extended in its previous form.

This results in the following changes:

Educational institutions, schools, training centers, kindergartens, etc. (See definition below):
Are immediately Open Academic entitled to subscribe.

Non-profit institutions are entitled (after approval by MICROSOFT!) Under the following conditions!

Are activities carried out by organizations that operate on a non-profit basis and whose aim is to (i) reduce poverty, (ii) promote education, (iii) promote social and community welfare, (iv) promote culture promote, or (v) promote the natural environment, a reference for this area is possible after verification and approval by MICROSOFT against proof.
The exemption from corporation tax must be proven on the basis of current tax assessments (exemption notice from the tax office) and the association's articles of association.
Passing on, reselling, transferring, as well as professional or commercial use of these licenses is not permitted.
These licenses may only be used in / for the installation on their computers.
Since July 1, 2015, subscription requests have to be made Indeed from the respective non-profit organization directly at MICROSOFT posed become.
The authorization portal is a new one
(English speaking) Home page for nonprofits where you can submit your information for nonprofit review:

Church institutions, congregations, mission agencies, etc. without non-profit status:
Unfortunately, you are no longer entitled to purchase discounted licenses (neither Select licenses nor Open Academic).

According to the current license conditions, we can issue MICROSOFT licenses
in the future therefore only deliver to the following facilities:

A)Training institutionsentitled
(i)A school or academic or other training facility that
by the competent regulatory authority in the country in which the
Training institution is headquartered, is accredited.
Open licenses F&L * 1
Select licenses F&L * 2
AE Full Packaged Product * 3
various campus contracts
(ii)A non-academic and / or not recognized by the government
Full-time teaching non-profit organization / establishment
Open licenses F&L * 1
Select licenses F&L * 2
AE Full Packaged Product * 3
B)Administrative offices of a training institution
The local, regional or national administrative offices of an or
several training institutions described in A (i) above.
Open licenses F&L * 1
Select licenses F&L * 2
AE Full Packaged Product * 3
C)Scientific or other employees
Scientific or other full-time and part-time employees of
Training institutions defined in Section A (i) above.
AE Full Packaged Product * 3
Student select for F & L * 4
D)Students / pupils,
those at a training institution defined in Section A (i) above
Are enrolled full-time or part-time, and students / pupils who
at a training institution as defined in Section A (ii) above
Are enrolled full-time.
AE Full Packaged Product * 3
Student select for F & L * 4
E)Public libraries
A public library that is free of charge for all residents of a
Parish, district or basic general region
Provides library services.
Open licenses F&L * 1
Select licenses F&L * 2
AE Full Packaged Product * 3
F)Public museums
A public museum that is permanent and mainly to
educational or aesthetic purposes, professional
Employees deployed and regularly moved to the public
Exhibits objects.
Open licenses F&L * 1
Select license prog. F&L * 2
AE Full Packaged Product * 3
A charity that operates on a non-profit basis
works and whose goal is
(i) fight poverty,
(ii) promote training,
(iii) promote social and community welfare,
(iv) promote culture, or
(v) promote the natural environment.
The exact MICROSOFT definition of entitlement to "welfare"
can be downloaded here (as of July 1st, 2010)
Open licenses F&L * 1
Select license prog. F&L * 2
AE Full Packaged Product * 3

To the licensing programs:
Open licenses F&L * 1 Open license program for research and teaching
Orders from 5 points possible
Select licenses F&L * 2 Select framework agreement for research & teaching
a special framework agreement must be in place
AE Full Packaged Product * 3 special products available as a full version
can be bought
Student select for F & L * 4 special addition to a select
Framework agreement
various campus contracts only possible for universities etc.

Order currently possible

Order soon
possible again
we will make special packages
to be shown here soon
Ordering will be possible again shortly

Special notice for hospitals, institutions of the
Health care and research laboratories:
Hospitals, health care facilities as well
Research laboratories are NOT eligible to issue AE product licenses
unless they are 100% owned by a qualified
Training institution as in A (i) and B above
defined, and will and will be, by these bodies
operated. "Belong to 100%" and "operate" means
that the training institution is the sole owner of the
respective hospital, the respective institution of the
Health care or the respective research laboratory
as well as the only facility that is about the daily business
is in control of said facilities. Please note,
that hospitals, health care facilities
as well as research laboratories are NOT eligible for school contracts
and also not part of a school contract
Training institution are allowed to be, even if they are this
100% owned and owned by the training institution

The current OpenAcademic conditions can be found here. We would be happy to inform you of the conditions for other products.

All information as of March 1st, 2016. Subject to errors and changes.