Why is the transition frequency important

Crossover frequency


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Thanks for the quick replies.
So I think I have portrayed the lack of bass too bluntly. At the appropriate levels, it can also be heard clearly. But it is not represented by the sub as easily or smoothly or as one should describe it.
E.g. the bass or the woofers of floorstanding loudspeakers do not sound so hard and cut off in my opinion. With this one I miss the deep bass again. And I only have one bass-midrange speaker in the compact speakers: - / And when I amplify the compact speakers via AVR, the volume level is raised, but not the bass frequencies or you cannot set the individual frequencies. : S.

@Zipfelklatscher and @coolmodi
Yes, the position of the sub is very important, if only because it is a front-fire sub. I also experimented a lot during the phase. All of this would have to be adjusted as best as possible for my room and for my subjective hearing.
In other words, extremely high levels are always used in these videos? But it usually doesn't sound that loud.

@ Screwdriver01
Of course, the individual LS levels can be set with the AVR: from -18dB to + 18dB
The bass can also be heard clearly, but as already described not as smooth. And it can also be located, so I thought that if the compact speakers would also deliver more bass, the bass room would be larger and you would no longer hear the bass in just one place.
Yes, the 5.0 system is attached to the AVR and the sub is connected via LFE.
In various audio magazines and also in the operating instructions of the AVR it says that you should turn the crossover frequency of the sub to maximum and then set the frequency in the AVR. You could of course do it the other way around. But the signal is more or less passed through the pre-out anyway. But I can try it out.

Do you think that the move to floorstanding speakers would deliver a larger bass volume? And thus reinforce the fullness of the bass sensation? Unfortunately the AVR can only 5.1, otherwise I would just add a second sub ...

Thanks again!
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