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Poisonous signs of spring: daffodils dangerous for children

In spring, they adorn many homes and gardens in a bright yellow: the daffodils. But parents should be careful with the daffodil species. "All parts of the plant and even the flower water from the vase are poisonous. This can cause serious poisoning in children," warns Dr. Marko Ostendorf, doctor at the R + V Insurance information center.

If young children put the bulbs, leaves, or flowers in their mouths or drink the flower water, it can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. "Paralysis with subsequent circulatory collapse and cardiac arrhythmias are also possible," says R + V expert Dr. Ostendorf. He advises parents to always place a vase with daffodils in such a way that children cannot reach them. The same goes for other typical spring flowers like tulips.

Dangerous blooms in the garden

In many gardens, besides daffodils and tulips, there are also other poisonous plants that bloom around Easter - and are therefore attractive for little explorers. Depending on the weather and location, you can still see snowdrops or the first lilies of the valley, for example. The very poisonous daphne also shows its red flowers. "Trees and bushes that are as dangerous as the daphne are best left out of the garden for parents with young children," says Dr. Marko Ostendorf. Since parents cannot avoid all poisonous plants, it is important to educate the little ones about the danger early on.

Further tips from the R + V information center:

  • If children have swallowed parts of daffodils or other poisonous plants, parents should immediately contact a poison control center or call an emergency doctor. Give the type of poisoning as precisely as possible.
  • It is best to place important emergency phone numbers near the phone.
  • Charcoal tablets crushed with a little water are a useful first aid measure - the charcoal binds the poison within a few minutes. Even plain tap water will dilute the poison and relieve symptoms. Never give milk or make the child vomit.
  • Attention pet owners: daffodils and co. Are also dangerous for many four-legged friends.
Just in case: The poison emergency numbers in Germany
Berlin(0 30) 1 92 40
Bonn(02 28) 1 92 40
Erfurt(03 61) 730 730
Freiburg(07 61) 1 92 40
Goettingen(05 51) 1 92 40
Homburg / Saar(0 68 41) 1 92 40
Mainz(0 61 31) 1 92 40
Munich(0 89) 1 92 40
Nuremberg(09 11) 398 24 51