Why is FrostWire full of viruses

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FrostWire 4.18.3
(15.02.2010)I think the program is so good because I know how to pull the films in German kotz but otherwise it's greatFrostWire 4.13.1
(28.08.2007) Great program! - Lots of adjustment options! -Unfortunately, the player doesn't always work ... :-( recommended !!!FrostWire 4.13.1
(26.07.2007) I can only agree with the previous speaker, correct spelling and punctuation are probably not that common here * rofl *FrostWire 4.13.1
(18.07.2007) LOLOLOL, seldom laughed like that: The right person is speaking, uh, writing ... Four ??? Download Otherwise at least 2 spelling mistakes per sentence. To the Prog: P2P Tolls are generally not to blame for the (partial) stupidity of their users.FrostWire 4.13.1
(09.07.2007) Very highly qualified reviews ... I don't want to offend anyone, but you should at least put a few points and commas so that you can read it properly. And if you don't pay attention to what you are downloading when it comes to downloads, it is your own fault if you download four! You can actually recognize Vieren very well by the file size alone, because it is probably clear to everyone that e.g. a game (the demo of it, is okay? ;-)) is not 200kb in size. if you still download it ... it's your own fault! Computers are only as good as those who use them can handle them!FrostWire 4.13.1
(06.07.2007) 've still downloaded mri netFrostWire 4.13.1
(08.05.2007) I doubt that too. You can, however, download some viruses through (!) FrostWire, because P2P is also a partially unsafe method. If a user feels like it, he can ONLY release viruses, which you then accidentally download .. It really depends entirely on the user. ;) GreetingsFrostWire 4.13.1
(10.04.2007) I doubt the unqualified comment that FrostWire contains any "viruse". Apart from the fact that the "viruse" came more from the material that was downloaded with FrostWire and it is relatively sausage how "good" a PC may be ...! FrostWire is still a successful alternative to LimeWire and is constantly being expanded. For MacOS in particular, the range of corresponding clients is meager and LimeWire is a good addition to the scene.FrostWire
(01.04.2007) I think this program is not as safe as you think with full virus udn so on also downloaded it and my pc got a virus right away but thank god i have a good pc and i say to all people this program is not safe so dowloadet it does not trust me is really the truth FrostWire
(05.02.2007) Forstwire is the best prog for the Gnutella network. I highly recommend it!!! I know that the current version is in English. BUT a German version will be 100% available this year! It's easy to use and it's fast too. I can only advise against Limewire and Bearshare, as the new versions have special filters.FrostWire
(30.01.2007) Hello to all of you. Can't give a rating so far, because I'm trying in vain to get forstwire into German. who gives me help. see you soon and thank you.FrostWire
(28.01.2007) I think limewire is not the best program because I can't do it with the download and even then it was too slow for me and he found things that I didn't want .. I think bearshare is better but the bulls bought it.FrostWire
(24.01.2007) This is a cool program !!! I think it's totally MEGAGEIL !!!FrostWire
(24.01.2007) The program is just the fair! Downloading is really fun again!FrostWire
(21.01.2007) that’s all fees that I have to payFrostWire 4.10.9
(11.12.2006) I would like to download this programLimeWire 3.6.8
(18.07.2006) prefer to use FrostWire is exactly the same program only different surface, spyware free, and open sourceLimeWire 3.6.8
(28.05.2006) the program can be downloaded quickly. it doesn't work without java and I uninstalled it 1. because it is illegal and 2. because java takes up so much virtual memory and now every 20 seconds a window like this "LIME WIRE LAUNCHER ERROR" is annoying but not as bad as it is bear shareLimeWire 3.6.8
(03.04.2006) it would be nice if the films were also available in german