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Truck Stop: Love, Lust & Vice (limited fan box) on 1 CD, 1 DVD and 1 merchandise

Truck Stop: Love, Lust & Vice (limited fan box)

Love, lust & vice (limited fan box)
1 CD, 1 DVD, 1 merchandise
CD (Compact Disc)

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  • Label:Telamo
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  • Order number:10352837
  • Release date: 2.4.2021

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DVD: Sound: Solby Digital 2.0; picture: 16: 9 / PAL; country code: 0; running time: 105 min.
  • Overall sales rank: 13130
  • Sales rank in CDs: 5713
This is what honest, handmade country music with a North German seal of approval sounds like. With their new album "Liebe, Lust & Laster", the band is going musically "Back to the roots". The 14 brand new songs, produced by Truck Stop and Stephan Gade, have hit the typical country sound that delights young and old.

Its fans have known for over 45 years that Truck Stop's music can really blow your head and clear it - and on the latest album, too, only a few bars are enough to bring the dullness and dreariness overboard: “You totally have it Head full / with what one should do "it says in the opening and title song, but luckily there is" love, lust and vice "(and a lot of good music) to take care of all these duties Moment to make you forget.

The three veterans Wolfgang »Teddy« Ibing, Knut Bewersdorff and Uwe Lost, together with singer / guitarist Andreas Cisek (new front man since 2012), Chris Kaufmann and Tim Reese, built on their old successes when they launched the album » Men are so «secured the highest chart entry to date.

The two most recently released long players "Made In Germany" (2017) and "Ein Stückchen Ewigkeit" (2019) went straight into the top 25 of the official German album charts.


1 excl. DVD
Mini truck
Patch / iron on

Disk 1 of 3

  1. 1 Love, lust & vice
  2. 2 My home
  3. 3 Yeehaw
  4. 4 Like a nice country song
  5. 5 Finally on tour again
  6. 6 Big city
  7. 7 7000 miles
  8. 8 Will be fine
  9. 9 Pointlessly squandered
  10. 10 Lonely island
  11. 11 Tomorrow is tomorrow
  12. 12 Superman
  13. 13 Easy Rider keep on ridin '
  14. 14 40 cars to the west

Disk 2 of 3

  1. 1 Livestream concert 2020