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Analyst: Apple should buy DuckDuckGo

Apple's services business is becoming increasingly important. The group is making increasingly good money with Apple Music, iCloud, App Store and its other Internet-based products. Will the search engine business be added in the future? At least one well-known analyst hopes so - and has now suggested to the iPhone company that they should be interested in DuckDuckGo.

No data collection like Google

The search engine founded by Gabriel Weinberg in the USA in 2008 is considered to be particularly privacy-friendly and, for example, does not collect any personalized search data - the small Google competitor is trying to set itself apart from its competitors. The Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi now writes in his latest report that Google is currently clearly the dominant force in the search business. But Apple could at least act against this because of its iOS power - especially since the company can currently only use Bing as a balancing force.

Apple currently earns several billion US dollars every year with the integration of Google in iOS as well as macOS and iPadOS - the search company shares the advertising revenue with Apple. Accordingly, a takeover of DuckDuckGo should mean that Apple can offset these sales for the foreseeable future. Right now nobody knows what DuckDuckGo deserves. The search engine is not on the stock exchange and does not have to provide any figures. In May 2020, it was at least on an Alexa rank of 183.

Collaboration between Apple and DuckDuckGo

Apple has been using DuckDuckGo for several years at least as an option in iOS, iPadOS and macOS - users can select the search engine alongside Google and Bing. DuckDuckGo has also been using Apple Maps as an integrated map service since the beginning of 2019.

Sacconaghi thinks Apple could consider taking over its own search engine in order to siphon off the lucrative advertising business itself - or attack Google "from below". That would probably not be really expensive - the Bernstein analyst believes that DuckDuckGo would be available for a price of around one billion US dollars. However, it is unclear whether Weinberg wants to sell at all - the company has been operating profitably for a long time. (bsc)

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