How would an alien race exterminate humanity



Nature and purpose of MJ 12

By Miltom William Cooper

USA, May 23, 1989

During the years following World War II, the United States was faced with a series of events that would change not only its own but also the future of all humanity beyond any imagination. A horrified President Truman and his top military leaders passed out after they had just won the most expensive and devastating war in history. The United States had developed and used the atomic bomb, making it the only nation on earth to have a weapon with the potential to destroy not only every enemy, but the earth itself. At that time, the United States had the best-functioning economy, the most advanced technology , the highest standard of living, exercised the greatest influence and commanded the greatest and most powerful military power in history. We can only vaguely imagine the confusion and concern. Which occurred when the initiated elite of the United States government discovered that an alien spaceship, piloted by insect-like beings from a completely unknown nature, had crashed in the desert of New Mexico.

Between January 1947 and December 1952 at least 16 alien spaceships crashed or had to make an emergency landing. 65 dead strangers and one living person were rescued. Another alien spaceship had exploded and its remains could be recovered. Of these events, 13 took place within the borders of the United States, not counting the exploded spacecraft. Of these 13 occurred in Arizona, 11 in New Mexico, and one in Nevada. Three occurred in other countries, one in Norway and the other two in Mexico. The UFO sightings became so numerous that the available options were no longer sufficient for a serious investigation.

An alien spaceship was discovered on February 13, 1948 on a Table Mountain near Aztec, New Mexico. Another was found on March 25, 1948 in Hart Canyon, near Aztec, also New Mexico. It measured 33 meters in diameter. A total of 17 dead aliens were recovered from these two spaceships. Of even greater significance, however, was the discovery of large numbers of human body parts in these spaceships. A devil had raised his ugly head and dejection soon took hold of those who knew. The lock code "Secret" immediately became "SUPFR TOP SECRET". A network of secrecy, even closer than that of the previous Manhattan Project, was spread over these events. In the years that followed, the incidents would become some of the most closely guarded secrets in the history of the world.

In December 1947 a special department was formed from America's top scientists under the code name "Project Sign" to study the phenomenon. should. "Project Sign" became "Project Grudge *" in December 1948. For the purposes of disinformation and the gathering of less important information, the "Project Blue Book" was formed under "Grudge". A total of 16 volumes were to be produced by "Grudge" over the years, including the controversial "Grudge 13" which Bill English and I were able to see, read and make available to the public. So-called "Blue Teams" were put together to rescue the fallen flying disks and dead and living aliens. These "Blue Teams" were later to merge into so-called "Alpha Teams" in the "Project Pounce".

During these early years, the United States Air Force and the Central Intellience Agency were in exclusive control of the alien secret. Indeed, the. CIA initially founded by presidential order as the "Central Intelligence Group" with the exclusive mandate to deal with the presence of the aliens. In the National Security Law, which was later passed, it was named CIA. The National Security Council was established to oversee the secret services and especially the aliens. A number of orders and orders from the National Security Council released the. CIA from its original task of compiling foreign intelligence information and entrusted it more and more with secret operations at home and abroad.

On December 9, 1947, Truman approved the issuance of NSC 4, entitled "Coordinating Actions Concerning Foreign Intelligence Information". This was done at the urging of Ministers Marshall Forrestal, Patterson, and the director of the State Department's policy planning staff, Kennan. In Duch 1 of the Foreign and Military Intelligence Service, Final Report of the Special Committee to Examine Government Operations Relating to Intelligence Activities, Senate 94th Congress, 12th Session, Report No. 94-755, April 26, 1976, page 49 As stated below: This directive empowered the Foreign Minister to coordinate all anti-communist intelligence activities overseas. A top secret addition to NSC 4, NSC 4A directed the director of the CIA to engage in clandestine psychological activities to achieve the goals set out in NSC 4. The authorization originally given to the CIA to conduct secret operations under NSC 4A did not contain any formal guidelines for the coordination or approval of such operations; Operations were consistent with American policy.

Later, NSC 10 and NSC 10/2 were to replace the NSC 4 and NSC 4A and thereby expand the possibilities for secret operations. The Policy Coordination Office (OPC) was brought in to carry out an expanded program of secret activities NSC 10/1 and NSC 10/2 legalized illegal and unlawful practices and operations because they were deemed acceptable to National Security leaders. The effect was immediately apparent. The doors and gates were now open to the intelligence agents. Under NSC 10/1, an "Executive Coordination" department was set up to assess secret projects, but not to approve them. This department has now been tacitly entrusted with the coordination of the extraterrestrial projects. NPC 10/1 and / 2 were now interpreted as meaning that nobody at the top should know about anything until it was successfully completed. These actions created a buffer between the president and information. The purpose of this buffer should be to enable the President to dispute any knowledge in the event that leaks reveal the true facts. This buffer was used in later years only to let subsequent presidents know only as much about the presence of the aliens as the secret government and intelligence officials found reasonable. A study group was established by NSC 10/2, which met in secret and consisted of the leading scientists of the day. This study group was NOT named MJ-12.

Another memo, NSC 10/5, outlined the responsibilities of this study group. It was not until four years later that further NSC memos and Secret Command Orders created the basis for the establishment of MJ-12.

Secretary of Defense James Forrestal began to object to this secrecy. He was a very idealistic and religious man who believed the public needed to be informed. When he began speaking to party leaders and Congress about the alien problem, Truman directed him to resign. Forrestal, however, continued to express his concerns and rightly assumed that he was being watched. This has been interpreted as paranoia by many who did not know the truth. Forrestal was later claimed to have had a nervous breakdown and was admitted to Bethesda Marine Hospital as a result. The fact is, however, that it was feared that Forrestal would start talking again and that he would have to be isolated and discredited as a result. Sometime in the early morning of May 22, 1949, CIA agents tied a bed sheet around his neck, fastened the other end in his room and threw James Forrestal out your window. The sheet tore and he fell to his death. He thus became one of the first victims of the cover-up.

The living alien from the 1949 Roswell crash was called EBE. This name was suggested by Dr Vannever Bush and it was short for Extraterrestial Biological Entity. EBE showed a tendency to lie and during the first year only gave answers to questions that were expected of him. On the other hand, questions that would end with an undesirable answer went unanswered. At one point during his second year of imprisonment, he began to open up and the information that came from him was surprising, to say the least. The compilation of his revelations became the basis of what would later be called the "YELLOW BOOK". Bill English and I, as well as others, were able to see photographs by EBE in later years during our work in "Grudge 13".

At the end of 1951, EBE fell ill. Healthcare professionals were unable to determine the cause of his illness. You had no experience to fall back on. EBE's body functions were based on chlorophyll and it converted food into energy similar to plants. Waste products were also excreted in a plant-like form. It was therefore decided to call a botanist. Dr. Guillermo Mendoza, a botany specialist, was hired to assist EBE in his recovery. Dr Mendoza tried to save EBE's life, but EBE died in mid-1952. Dr Mendoza became a specialist in alien biology.

During the unsuccessful attempt to save EBB and at the same time to win the favor of this race so superior to us, the United States began at the beginning of 1952 to broadcast a cry for help into the vastness of space. The call went unanswered, but the project was carried on as a token of goodwill.

On November 4, 1952, President Truman created the super-secret National Security Agency (National Security Council) by presidential secret order. Their real purpose was to decode extraterrestrial communication and language and make contact with the extraterrestrials. This highly urgent task was a continuation of previous efforts and was given the code name "Sigma". The fun task of the NSA was to monitor all communications and broadcasts worldwide, regardless of their origin, terrestrial or extraterrestrial, for the purpose of compiling intelligence information and to camouflage the presence of the extraterrestrials. Project Sigma was successful. The NSA maintains extra communication with the LUNA base and other secret space projects. With this presidential order, the NSA stands outside of all laws that the NSA does not specifically mention, but is the basis of these laws. The NSA performs many other functions today and is, in fact, the most important body in the intelligence community. The NSA today receives 75% of the money allocated to the intelligence services. The old adage "Money always goes to power" also applies here. The director of the CIA today is nothing more than a figurehead that is only maintained for the sake of the public. The actual task of the NSA is still extraterrestrial communication today, but now includes other tasks.

Since the Roswell event, President Truman had kept not only our allies but also the Soviet Union informed of the development of the alien problem. This was done in the event that the aliens should become a threat to the human race. Plans have been made to defend the earth in the event of an invasion. International secrecy met with great difficulties. It was recognized that an outsider group was necessary to oversee and coordinate international efforts to keep secrecy and protect governments from exposure by the press. The result was the formation of a secret society that became known as the "Bilderbergers" (named "Bilderberger Hotel" in Knokke after the place where they were founded, AdU). The headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland. The Bilderbergers developed into a secret world government that controls and monitors everything today (members of the Bilderbergers meet at least once a year in different conference locations). In 1988 the Austrian Telfz near Innsbruck, at whose meeting ----> Federal Chancellor Kohl also took part, in 1989 the meeting took place in Colorado USA, at which Count Lambsdorff took part, AdU). The United Nations was then and still is nothing more than an international joke.

In 1953 a new president moved into the White House. He was a man used to a tightly structured organization with a chain of command downstream. His method was to delegate authority. and to govern through a committee. He only made important decisions himself when his advisors could not agree. His normal course of action was to read or be presented with different alternatives and then decide which one to choose. Close associates cite that his most popular comment was "do what is necessary". He spent much of his time on the golf course. This was by no means unusual for a man with a steep military career and the highest position of Allied command during the war, a five-star post. That man was General Dwight David Eisenhower.

During his first year in office in 1953, at least 10 other crashed flying disks were recovered with 26 dead and 4 living. Of these ten, 4 took place in Arizona, 2 in Texas, 1 in New Mexico, 1 in Louisiana, 1 in Montana and one in South Africa. There were starved of sightings of UFOS.

Eisenhower knew he had to touch the problem and get it done. He knew that in doing so he could not include Congress in the mystery. In early 1953, the new president turned to a friend and co-member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Nelson Rockefeller, for help in solving this problem. Eisenhower and Rockefeller began to plan a secret organization for the purpose of monitoring extraterrestrial activities, which was realized within a year. This is how the idea of ​​MJ-12 was born.

It was Nelson's uncle Winthrop Aldrich who got Eisenhower to run for the presidency. The entire Rockefeller, and with it the Rockefeller Empire, had stood firmly behind him, but asking Rockefeller for help in solving the alien problem should be the greatest mistake Eisenhower made for the future of the United States and perhaps all of humanity.

Within weeks of his election, Eisenhower had appointed Nelson Rockefeller to chair a presidential advisory committee on government organization. Rockefeller was responsible for planning the organization of the government. New Deal programs came under a single department called the Department of Health, Education and Welfare. After congressional confirmation of this new cabinet position in April 1953, Nelson was appointed Undersecretary of State under Oveta Culp Hobby.

In 1953, astronomers discovered a large number of objects in space approaching Earth. At first it was assumed that these were asteriods. Later evidence indicated that these objects were spaceships. Project Sigma intercepted the radio communications from the aliens. When the objects reached Earth, they entered a very high orbit over the equator. It was a number of huge ships and their real intentions were unknown. With the help of radio contacts using computer binary language, Project Sigma and a new Project Plato succeeded in arranging a landing, in the wake of which there was face-to-face contact with aliens from another planet. Project Plato was entrusted with establishing diplomatic relations with these space aliens.

Meanwhile, another race of human-like aliens had also made contact with the US government. This group of aliens warned us about the friends who were circling the equator and offered their help in our spiritual development. As a precondition, they required us to dismantle and destroy our nuclear weapons. They refused to exchange technology with indications of our spiritual immaturity and our inability to deal with technology that was already available at that time. They believed that we would only use any new technology to kill each other. This race argued that we were on the path of self-destruction and that we should stop killing each other, polluting the earth, raping the earth's natural resources and learning to live in harmony. These conditions were met with extreme suspicion, especially the main demand for nuclear disarmament. It was believed that giving in to this condition would leave us helpless against a possible extraterrestrial threat. We did not have similar experiences in history to help us make this decision. Nuclear disarmament was not considered in the best interests of the United States and the offers were rejected.

During 1954, the race of big-nosed gray aliens that had circled the earth landed at Holloman Airforce Base. A fundamental agreement was reached. This race identified itself as coming from a planet out of the system of a red star in the constellation of Orion, which we call Betelgeuze. They claimed that their planet was dying and that in the not too distant future they would no longer be able to live there. A second landing followed, this time at Edward Airforce Base. This historic event was planned in advance and details of a proposed agreement could now be agreed. Eisenhower arranged a vacation to Palm Springs. On the scheduled day, the president was kidnapped, taken to the base and used as an excuse to visit the dentist to the press.

President Eisenhower met with the aliens and a formal agreement was signed between the alien nation and the United States of America. We then received the first alien ambassador from space. His name and title were Almighty Highness Krlll "(pronounced like: Krill). According to the usual American aversion to monarchical titles, he was secretly called:" Orginal Geisel Krill ".

We should note here that the flag of the aliens was named: the Trilateral Insingen. It is shown on their vehicles and on their uniforms.

Both landings and the meetings were filmed. The films still exist today. The agreement stipulated that the aliens would not interfere in our affairs and we would not interfere in theirs. We would keep their presence on earth a secret. They would provide us with technology and help us in our scientific development. Furthermore, they would not make an agreement with another earthly nation, could kidnap people in limited numbers and at intervals for medical purposes and to monitor our development, provided that the people were not harmed and would be returned to the point of their kidnapping. The people affected should not have any memories of the events. The aliens should provide MJ-12 with regular lists of their human contacts and abductions. It was agreed that each nation should receive an ambassador from the other while the agreement was in force. It was also agreed that the alien nation and the United States should each exchange 16 people to get to know each other, while the alien guests were on Earth should the human guests travel to the alien hometown. It was also agreed to build underground bases for the use of the extraterrestrial nation and two bases for common use. The exchange of technology should take place in these jointly operated bases. These alien bases were established under Indian reservations that lie within the four points between Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. Another was established in Nevada, in the area known as S4, about 7 miles south of the western boundary of Area 51 known as "Dreamland". All areas used by aliens are under the exclusive supervision of the Department of the Navy and the personnel working there are monitored by the Navy. Although construction of the bases began immediately, progress was slow until 1957. Then greater funding became available. Work continued on the "Yellow Book".

The "Project Redlight" was formed and preparations made for test flights with alien missiles. A super-secret facility was built in Groom Lake, Nevada, within the weapons testing site there. She was given the code name "Dreamland" and is under the supervision of the Ministry of Navy. The staff had to undergo a "Q" security screening and required the President's approval, it is a joke due to the fact that the President of the United States himself is not allowed to enter the premises. The base of the aliens, in which the technology transfer also takes place, is in area S4. This was given the code name "The dark side of the moon".

The army was entrusted with setting up a super-secret organization to protect the alien projects. This organization, called the National Reconnaissance Organization, is located in Fort Carson, Colorado. Special teams trained to protect the secret projects were called "Delta Teams".

A second project with the code name "Snowbird" was created for the purpose of officially declaring unwanted sightings of "redlight flying bodies" as Airforce experiments. The "snow-bird" aircraft were manufactured using conventional technology and flown for the press on several occasions. Project "Snowbird" has also been used to downplay irrefutable sightings of extraterrestrial missiles in order to distract the public. Project "Snowbird" was a complete success and reports of UFO sightings steadily decreased over the years that followed. The White House Military Bureau organized and ran a million dollar secret fund. This was used to build over 75 underground facilities. In response to their questions, presidents were told that these were buildings for the president in times of war. In reality, few of these underground structures were built for the President. Millions of dollars went through this office to MJ-12 and from there to the contractors. Topsecret alien bases and other military bases and also facilities, as provided under "Alternative 2", President Johnson used money from this fund to build a movie theater and to pave the road on his farm. He had no idea of ​​the background. This secret White House fund for underground structures was established by President Eisenhower in 1957. The funds for this came from the congress under the camouflage "For the construction and maintenance of secret facilities where the president can be brought in times of war: Emergency shelters for the president" These facilities were in the truest sense of the word holes in the earth, deep enough to to be able to withstand a nuclear explosion and equipped with the latest communication systems. Today there are over 75 such facilities across the country, built with money from this emergency fund. In addition, the Atomic Energy Commission built at least 32 other similar plants. Information about the location and everything that has to do with these systems was and is traded under Topsecret. The military office had and still has these funds, which are channeled through a complicated network so that even the most experienced spy or auditor cannot follow their traces. Until 1980 only a few at the beginning and at the end of this network knew what the money was for. It started with Deputies George Mahon from Texas, Chairman of the House Allocation Committee and its Defense Committee, and Robert-Sikes from Florida, Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Allocation of Funds for Military Buildings. Today, it is whispered, House Speaker Jim Wright controls these funds in Congress and that a power struggle has started to eliminate him. In the end stood the President, MJ-12, the director of the military office and a commander of the Navy shipyard in Washington. The funds were approved by the Allocation Committee and allocated to the Ministry of Defense as a top secretary for the Army Building Program. The army, however, could not spend this money and in truth did not even know what it was intended for. The authorization to use it actually came from the Navy. The money went to the Chesapeake Department of Marine Engineers, who also had no use for it. Not even the commanding officer, an admiral, knew the real purpose. Just. a man, a naval commander assigned to the Chesapeake Division but only in charge of the White House military office in Washington, knew the truth, amount, and final use. The total secrecy that surrounded this fund means that almost all traces of the few initiated could be covered. There was never and probably never will be an audit of the purpose of these secret funds. Large amounts of this top secret fund have been transferred to a secret location in Palm Beach, Florida, owned by the Coast Guard called Peanut Island. The island is adjacent to property owned by Joseph Kennedy. It was rumored that the money was used for landscaping and general beautification. Some time ago, a TV newscast reported the Kennedy assassination of a Coast Guard employee who had handed money in a briefcase to a Kennedy agent across the property line. Could this be a secret payment to the Kennedy family in compensation for the slaughter of their son John F.? Further payments were made during 1967 and then ceased. The amounts and their actual purpose are still unknown. In the meantime, Nelson Rockefeller had changed positions again. This time it should be the old position of CD Jackson, which was called "Special Representative on Psychological Strategies". With Nelson's appointment, the name changed to "Special Representative for Cold War Strategies". This post would develop over the years into the one in which Henry Kissinger later worked under Nixon. Officially, he was supposed to give advice and assistance in developing understanding and cooperation among peoples. This version was a cover-up because he was secretly the President's Intelligence Coordinator. In this new position, Rockefeller reported directly and only to the President. He has attended meetings of the Cabinet, the CFR (Economic Policies) and the National Security Council, the highest policy body within the government. Rockefeller was given another important post as head of a secret division "Planning Coordination Group" established under NSC 5412/1 in March 1955. The group consisted of various members appointed at short notice, depending on items on the agenda. Permanent members, on the other hand, were Rockefeller, one member each from the Defense and State Department and the director of the CIA. It was soon called the "5412 Committee" or the "Special Group". 5412/1 made it a rule that secret operations had to be approved by an executive committee, whereas in the past such operations could only be initiated with the authorization of the director of the CIA. Eisenhower's secret presidential order NSC 5410 preceded NSC 5412/1 in 1954, which then created a permanent committee. It was named Majority 12 (MJ 12), which was supposed to monitor and control all secret activities dealing with the alien issue. NSC 5412/1 should then explain the purpose of its frequent meetings in case Congress or the press became curious. Majority 12 consisted of Nelson Rockefeller, CIA Director Allen Welsh Dulles, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, Secretary of Defense Charles E. Wilson, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Arthur W. Radford, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, and six men from the board of directors of the CFR known as the "Wise Men". All of these men were members of a secret society of college graduates who referred to themselves as the "Jason Society" or the "Jason Scholars", their members from the ranks of the "Skull and Bones" and the "Scroll and Keys" associations of Harvard and Yale recruited. The "wise men" were the core members of the CFR. There were 12 members including the first six from government positions, the Majority 12. This group consisted of the leaders and directors of the CFR and later the Trilateral Commission (TC) Gordon Dean, George Bush and Zbigniew Brezinski were among them. The most important and influential of the "wise men" who worked in MJ 12 were John McCloy, Robert Lovett, Everall Harriman, Charles Bohlen, George Kennan, and Dean Acheson. Their political influence was to extend into the 1970s. It is significant that President Eisenhower, like the first six MJ 12 members of the government, were also members of the CFR. Serious researcher will soon discover that not all "wise men" had studied at Harvard or Yale, and that not all of them were selected for their membership in Skull arid Bones or Scroll and Keys. However, you will be able to solve this puzzle quickly by reading the book "The Wise Men" by Walter Isaacsson and Evan Thomas Simon and Schuster, New York. Under figure 9 in the middle of the book you will find a line: Lovett at Yale in the upper right corner and on the beach: his inclusion in "Skull and Dones" happened in an air force base near Duenkirchen. I have found that recruiting is ongoing for pre-college merit, not just through attending Harvard or Yale. Later, a select few were accepted into the Jason Society. They were all members of the CFR and were known at the time as "The Eastern Establishment". It should give you clues as to the influence and importance of most of these secret college societies. The Jason Society is still growing and thriving today, but it now also has members from the ranks of the Trilateral Commission. The Trilaterals existed in secret before 1973. The name TC comes from the flag of the extraterrestrials. MJ 12 has existed to this day. Under Eisenhower and Kennedy it was misleadingly called the "5412 Committee" or the "Special Group". During the Johnson administration it became the "303 Committee" because the name 5412 was revealed in the book "The Secret Government". In truth, the author was let the information about 5412/1 come in to hide the existence of NSC 5412. It was called the "40 Committee" under Nixon, Ford, and Carter, and the "PI 40 Committee" under Reagan. During all these years only the name changed. In 1955 it was revealed that the aliens had betrayed Eisenhower and broken the agreement. In the USA, mutilated corpses and animal carcasses were found. The suspicion arose that the aliens had not submitted complete lists of their contacts with people and kidnappings MJ 12 and it was also feared that not all of the kidnapped had returned. They were suspected of cooperation with the USSR and this suspicion was confirmed. It was recognized that the aliens used larger numbers of people and continued to investigate them with the aid of secret societies, sorcery, magic, occultism and religion. After various air battles between AirForce aircraft and alien aircraft, the inferiority of our weapons compared to those of the aliens became clear. In November 1955 a study committee was established through the issue of NSC 5412/2 to examine "all factors for the creation and implementation of guidelines for foreign policy in the nuclear age". However, this was again just a camouflage net that was supposed to hide the actual purpose of the study, namely the alien question. Parallel to this, President Eisenhower had set up a study group through NSC 5411 as early as 1951 to "investigate all facts, evidence, lies and fraud and to find out the truth about the alien question". NSC 5412/2 was only intended as cover in case the press began investigating the reason for such important men to meet regularly. The first meetings took place as early as 1954 and were called Quantico Meetings after the place where they met at the Quantico Marine Base. The study group consisted of the 35 secret knowing members of the CFR known as the "Jason Society" or "Jason Scholars". Edward Teller was invited to participate. Dr. Zbigniew Brezinski was the chair for the first 18 months and Henry Kissinger for the second period beginning November 1955. Nelson Rockefeller was a frequent visitor to the sessions.

The list of the study group:

Gordon Dean, Chairman Dr. Z. Brezinski, head of the 1st period Dr. Henry Kissinger, dto 2nd period

Dr Edward Teller, maj. Goose Richard C. Lindsay, Hanson W. Baldwin, Lloyd V. Berkner, Frank C. Nash, Paul H. Nitze, Charles P. Noyes, Charles Payes Jr., Jaines A. Perkins, Don K. Price, David Rockefeller, Oscar M . Ruebhausen, Lt. Gen. James M. Gavin, Caryl P. Haskins, James T Hill, Joseph E. Johnson, Mervin J. Kelly, Frank Altschul, Hamilton Fish Armstrong, Maj.Gen. James McCormack Jr., Robert R. Bowie, McGeorge Bundy, William AM Burden, John C. Campbell, Thomas K. Finletter, George S. Franklin Jr., II Rabi, Roswell L. Gilpatrick, NEHalaby, Gen. Walter Bedell Smith, Henry DeWolf Smyth, Shiels Warren, Carroll L. Wilson, Arnold Wolfers

In the second phase of the investigation, the meetings took place in Quantico and the group was soon called Quantico 2. Nelson built a secret meeting place for MJ 12 and the Study Committee in Maryland that was only accessible by air. So the meetings could take place without fear of public interest. This secret meeting place was named "The Country Club". It offers complete accommodation including relaxation and conference facilities. At the end of 1956 the study group was ostensibly disbanded and in 1957 Henry Kissinger published the officially designated results under "Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy", edited for the CFR by Harper & Brothers, New York. In truth, Henry Kissinger had already completed over 80% of this manuscript while he was a student at Harvard.The study group continued to work in secret. An indication of the importance Herny Kissinger attached to this study group can be found in statements made by his wife and friends. Many of them stated that Henry left the house early in the morning and only returned home late in the evening without speaking to anyone or responding to questions. It seemed as if he lived in a world that had no place for strangers. These statements are very indicative. The results of the investigations into the presence and actions of the aliens must have come as a great shock. Henry Kissinger was by no means himself during this time of gathering. Never again would he be affected by similarly serious events as at that time. Very often he worked late into the night after a full day behind him. These circumstances eventually led to the divorce. A major result of this extraterrestrial study was that it could not have been reported to the public because it would most likely have led to a collapse of the economy, religious structures and a nationwide panic that could only have resulted in anarchy. The secrecy therefore continued. So if you couldn't tell the public anything, Congress couldn't find out either. Funding for projects and research therefore had to come from sources outside the government. As an interim solution, money was diverted from the military budget and freely available confidential CIA funds. Another significant event was that the aliens used humans as well as animals as sources of black secretions, enzymes, hormones and blood, and for terrible genetic experiments. The aliens declared their actions to be necessary for their survival. They stated that their genetic structure was so damaged that they could no longer reproduce. They declared that if their genetic structures could not be improved, their race would soon cease to exist. We met their statements with the utmost suspicion. However, since our weapons were practically ineffective against those of the aliens, MJ 12 decided to maintain friendly relations with them until we had succeeded in developing a technology that enabled us to face them militarily. They wanted to offer the Soviet Union and other nations to work together for the survival of mankind. In the meantime, plans have been developed to build two weapon systems using conventional and nuclear technology that could perhaps bring us a tie. The results of these considerations were the Joshua and Excalibur projects. Joshua was a weapon captured by the Germans and already at that time able to smash 10 cm thick armor plates from a distance of almost two kilometers by using bundled low-frequency sound waves. It was believed that these weapons could be used effectively against extraterrestrial Arabian missiles and beam weapons. Exclibur was a weapon, shot down with a rocket, which did not fly higher than 1,000 feet, scattered no more than 50 feet at the target and could penetrate a ground 1,000 feet deep, similarly hard to the one found in New Mexico. It was supposed to carry a 1 megaton warhead and was intended to destroy the aliens in their bunkers.

Joshua's development was successful, but to my knowledge it has not been used. Excalibur has not sought further development for a long time, but great efforts are currently being made to complete it. The events of Fatima in the early years of this century were examined on the suspicion that this could be a manipulation of the aliens. A spy operation was launched to solve the mystery. The United States used its Vatican contacts that had been established during WWII and maintained since, and shortly thereafter received the full Vatican study including the prophecy. This prophecy said that if man did not turn from evil and sit at the feet of Christ, the planet would destroy itself and the events as described in the revelation of the Bible would actually occur. She stated that a child would be born who would unite the world with a peace plan and false religion from 1992 onwards. By 1995, however, the peoples would find out that he was evil and, in fact, the Antichrist. World War 3 would begin in the Middle East in 1995 with the invasion of Israel by a united Arab nation, initially using conventional weapons, but culminating in a Holocaust using nuclear weapons in 1999. Between 1999 and 2003 most of the planet would suffer terribly and life would be largely destroyed. The second coming of Christ would then take place in 2011. The extraterrestrials, confronted with this investigation result, confirmed its truthfulness. The aliens claimed to have created us through crossbreeding and manipulated the human race through religion, satanism, sorcery, magic and the occult. They also stated that they were capable of time travel and that the events mentioned would actually occur. Subsequent use of extraterrestrial technology for time travel by the United States and the Soviet Union also confirmed the prophecy. The aliens showed a hologram, also filmed by the government, which they claimed was actually the crucifixion of Christ. We didn't know now whether to believe them or not. Did they use our real religions to manipulate us or were they really the creators of our religions with which they continuously mantp us? Or was it the INITIAL SCENARIO of the real END TIME and the return of Christ as prophesied in the Bible? Nobody knew the answer to that. In 1957 a symposium was held (in Hutsville, Alabama, AdU) in which the most famous scientists of the time took part. They came to the conclusion that towards the end of this century the planet would self-destruct through an increased population and the exploitation of the environment, if not for help from GOD or the extraterrestrials. A secret presidential order from Eisenhower instructed the Jason Scholars to investigate this scenario and come up with proposals. The "Jason SchoIars" confirmed the research results of the scientists and made three suggestions, the alternatives 1, 2 and 3 were named. In alternative 1, nuclear warheads were supposed to blast holes in the stratosphere through which pent-up heat and pollution could escape into space. Furthermore, reversal of human civilization and the current exploitation into such for the protection of this planet. However, this of the three possibilities was believed to have the least expected success because of the unwillingness of humans to change quickly and the additional damage that the atomic explosions would cause. Under alternative 2, an extensive network of underground cities and tunnel connections was to be built in which a selection from all cultures and professions could survive and ensure the preservation of the human race. The rest of humanity would have to be left to its fate on the surface of the planet. Alternative 3 was to use extraterrestrial and conventional technology to allow a small selection of people to leave Earth and establish colonies in space. I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of so-called "group deliveries" (see the book: "Alternative 3, Leslie Watkins, AdU) of human slaves who should be used as work slaves within the scope of this plan. The moon with the code name" Adam " The immediate goal should be followed by Mars, alias "Eva." To save time, all three alternatives included birth control sterilization and the introduction of deadly microbes to control or slow population growth. AIDS is only one result of these plans. There are others. There When the population reduction was seen as important, it was decided that it was in the best interests of the human race to rid themselves of undesirable elements of our society.The joint US and Soviet leadership rejected alternative 1 but ordered work on alternative to begin immediately 2 and 3. The Rand Corporation held a civil engineering symposium in 1959. D The final report shows machines that can build a tunnel 15 m in diameter at an advance speed of 1.5 m per hour. He also shows pictures of huge tunnels and underground halls, which, it seems, represent extensive facilities or even cities. So it seems that the previous five years had been used to perfect the underground construction methods. The powerful decided that one way to fund the aliens and other "black" projects was to create an illegal drug market. A young ambitious member of the CFR was approached. His name is George Bush, then president and executive director of Zapata Oil in Texas. At that time, Zapata Oil was experimenting with the new technology of offshore drilling. It was correctly assumed that drugs, brought to the oil rigs by fishing boats from South America, could then easily be brought ashore by supply ships, whereby the cargo passed customs and coast guards without arousing controls or curiosity. George Bush agreed and organized cooperation with the CIA. The plan worked better than expected and is now having an impact all over the world. But there are now other methods of illegally bringing drugs into the country. Even so, it should always be remembered that it was George Bush who started selling drugs to our children. The CIA now controls all of the world's drug markets.

The official space program received a substantial boost from President Kennedy, who in his inauguration speech called on the United States to put a man on the moon before the end of the 1960s. Although well intended as a plan, it allowed those responsible to divert huge sums for their sinister purposes and keep the actual space program out of the American public. A parallel program in the Soviet Union served the same purpose.

In fact, a joint alien, American and Russian base already existed on the moon when Kennedy made his speech. On May 22, 1962, an unmanned probe landed on Mars and confirmed the existence of an environment that could support human life. Not long after that, people began building a colony on Mars in earnest. Today you can find cities on Mars, inhabited by specially selected people from different cultures and professions from different countries.Although we are in fact closest allies, hostility between the USA and the Soviet Union is officially maintained, especially in the name of national defense funds for to be able to provide the secret projects.

At one point, President Kennedy discovered parts of the truth about drugs and the aliens. In 1963 he issued an ultimatum to MJ 12. The president threatened them that if they did not resolve the drug problem, he would do it for them. He informed MJ 12 of his intention to make the alien presence known to the American people the following year, and put in place a plan designed to enforce his decision. President Kennedy was not a member of the CFR and knew nothing of alternative 2 or 3. Their operations were internationally monitored and controlled by a committee called the "Policy Committee". In the United States, its members were subordinate to MJ 12 and in the Soviet Union to its sister organization. President Kennedy's decision caused concern among those in charge. His assassination was therefore ordered by the Policy Committee and carried out by agents from MJ 12 in Dallas. President Kennedy was shot dead by the secret agent driving his car in Dallas. This is clearly visible on the film. When you watch the movie, watch out for the driver, not Kennedy. Any eyewitnesses standing close enough to see William Greer kill Kennedy were themselves murdered within the next two years. The Warren Committee was a farce, as members of the CFR formed the majority of the commission of inquiry. Your effort to mislead the American public has been successful. Many other patriots who attempted to unravel the alien mystery during the subsequent years were also murdered.

In the early years of space travel and the subsequent moon landings, every rocket launch was accompanied by alien missiles. Apolla astronauts sighted and filmed a moon base with the code name "Luna". In the photographs, domes, cone-shaped, large round buildings can be seen that look like silos. Huge T-shaped mining vehicles the sharp-edged one. Left traces on the lunar surface as well as aliens large and small flying bodies are visible. The official space program is a farce and represents a tremendous waste of money. The third alternative is reality and by no means science fiction. Most of the Apollo astronauts were shocked by this experience and their lives and later statements reflect the scope of these experiences and the effect of the silence orders that followed. Silence was ordered under threat of the death penalty, which was then rewritten as "necessity". Nevertheless, an astronaut spoke to the British producers of the television program "Alternative 3" in which he confirmed the accuracy of the allegations.

In the book "the 3rd alternative", the real identity of the astronaut was replaced by the pseudonym "Bob Grodin". It was alleged that he committed suicide in 1978. However, this cannot be confirmed in any way, and I believe that many of the so-called facts in this book are disinformation. I am convinced that this is the result of the pressure exerted on the authors to neutralize the effect that the British television program "Alternative 3" had on the public. The headquarters of this conspiracy described in the book is in Geneva. The leadership consists of members of the affected governments as well as leading members of the "Bilderbergers". Meetings of the "guideline committee" even take place in a nuclear submarine under the ice cap of the polar region. The need for secrecy is so great that this is the only secure method against eavesdropping. From my own experience and other sources I can say that the book is based on at least 70% truth. I assume that the disinforination was an attempt to discredit the British television program with information whose authenticity could easily be refuted, similar to the "Eisenhower Briefing Document" which was published in the USA as Emergency Plan Majestic 12 and whose authenticity was also refuted can be.

Since our exchange with the aliens began, we have come into possession of technology that has surpassed our wildest dreams. A missile named "Aurora" is in area 51, with which space flights are regularly undertaken. It is a single-stage spaceship with the abbreviation TAV (Trans Atmospheric Vehicle). It can take off from a 12 km long runway to a high earth orbit and then land back on the original orbit. We currently have a nuclear powered alien-like missile stationed in Area S4 in Nevada. Our pilots have already undertaken interplanetary journeys in this aircraft, during which they visited the moon, Mars and other planets. We have been lied to about the true nature of the Moon and the planets Mars and Venus and the state of the art technology we have today. There are areas on the moon where plant life thrives and changes its colors with the seasons. This seasonal effect is caused by the fact that the moon does not always assign the same side of the sun or the earth, as claimed. There is an area that seasonally emerges from the darkness and in the vicinity of this area there is plant life. Artificial lakes and ponds were created on the moon and clouds could be observed and filmed. There is a gravitational field and people can move freely on the surface without having to wear a room suit after having undergone a decompression similar to that common for deep-sea divers. I was able to see photographs and some of them were published in the book "We discovered Alien Bases on the Moon" by Fred Steckling. In 1969 there was a confrontation between our scientists and the extraterrestrials in the underground laboratory "Dulce". The aliens took many of our scientists hostage. Delta teams were deployed to rescue them. But their weapons were inferior to those of the aliens. 66 of our people were killed in this action. All joint projects were interrupted for at least two years. Finally a reconciliation took place and we resumed the cooperation. This is high today.

When the Watergate Affair came to light, President Nixon had hoped to weather the storm without leaving office. MJ 12 had a different plan. The intelligence agents consequently concluded that secret files would come to light during the impeachment proceedings. Nixon was ordered to step back. But he refused and so the first military coup that would have ever taken place in the United States was prepared.The military high command sent a topsecret instruction to the commanders of the US armed forces in the world. It read: "After receiving this instruction, you will not carry out any further orders from the White House. Confirm receipt". The instruction was issued a full five days before Nixon's relenting and his public resignation. I was able to read this instruction personally. When I asked my commanding officer how he would act because the order was obviously in violation of the United States Constitution, he replied, "I think I'll wait and see if any orders come from the White House and then make up my mind." I haven't seen any orders coming from the White House, but that doesn't mean that they haven't been issued.

During all of the years that this has happened, it seems that Congress and the American people have instinctively felt that something was wrong. When the Watergate case came to the public, everyone was relieved and it was believed that the secret services would now be investigated. President Ford called the Rockefeller Commission for this purpose. This, at least, was generally accepted. The real reason, however, was to keep Congress out so that the secrecy could continue. Neslon Rockefeller, who headed the commission to investigate the intelligence services, was a member of the CFR and who helped Eisenhower build the MJ 12 power organization. Rockefeller just tossed a few bones to Congress, and the veil happily continued as before.

Later Senator Church was to stage the famous Church Hearings. He was also a senior member of the CFR and only repeated the Rockefeller Act. Again, secrecy prevailed. When IranContra became known, we thought this time an investigation would finally take place. Wrong again. Despite the mountains of documents suggesting drug smuggling and other horrors, the secrecy remained successful. It seems that Congress was deliberately trying to bypass the truths that lay so close to the surface. Could it be that Congress knows the full truth and therefore does not want to touch it? Are there members among its members who have been guaranteed a ticket to the Martian colony in the event that life on earth draws to an end? I cannot portray the full extent of the financial empire controlled by the CIA, NSA and CFR that manages and uses funds from drug trafficking and other clandestine operations. But I would like to share with you what little I know. The order of magnitude of the amounts of money is beyond imagination. A widespread network of banks and holding companies manage this money. You should take a look at banks such as J. Henry Schroeder Banking Corp., the Schroeder Trust. Corp., Schroder Ltd. London, Helbert Wagg Holdings Ltd., J. Henry Schroeder-Wagg & Co Ltd., Schroeder, Gebrueder & Co, Germany, Schroeder, Muenchmeyer, Hengst & Co, Castle Bank and its holdings, the Asian Development Bank and the Kraken der Nugan Bank and its Holdings.

MJ 12 prepared a contingency plan to mislead anyone who got too close to the truth. This plan was called Majestic 12. It was set in motion by the publication of the supposedly real "Eisenhower Briefing, Documents" by Moore, Shandera and Friedman. This document is a forgery. It shows the presidential order serial number as 092447. A serial number that does not exist and will not exist anytime soon, given the current rate of serial number allocation for presidential orders. Truman wrote out orders in the 9000s, Eisenhower in the 10,000s, Ford had already reached 11,000. Reagan hit the 12000 numbers. For reasons of continuity, for better registration and to avoid errors, presidential orders are continuously written out, regardless of who is currently president in the White House. The serial number is one of many gross errors in this document. However, the plan managed to distract all researchers for years. This resulted in useless expenses, namely looking for information that could not be there. It resulted in a squandering of the Fund for UFO Research of $ 16,000 that Friedman received for this research. Many thousands of hours of work were wasted looking for a phantom. If you've ever had any doubts about the Secret Government's ability to fool you into an X for a U, you'd better revise your mind.

Another emergency plan was activated and is already affecting us today. The plan is to prepare the public for the expected confrontation with an extraterrestrial race. The public is currently being bombarded with television and movies, radio programs, and advertisements depicting almost every aspect of the nature of the alien presence. This includes the good and the bad. Take a look around carefully. The aliens are planning to show their presence and the government should prepare us to avoid panic. The worst of the emergency plans is also in force and affects us. For many years now, they have been importing drugs and selling them to the people. Mainly to the poor and minorities. Social assistance programs were created to create a dependent unproductive element in our society. Then these social programs began to be scaled down to create such a large class of criminals that did not exist in the 1950s and early 1960s. They promoted the manufacture and import of highly effective military weapons for use by these criminal elements. This should create a feeling of insecurity in order to induce the American public to voluntarily pass a law against firearms. Incidents were staged to speed up this process. By using drugs and hypnosis in a Plan Orion, the CIA built on the instincts of the insane to shoot innocent children in school yards and thus further fuel the anti-firearms lobby. The plan is going well and is showing the desired results. This plan must be stopped.

It is taking advantage of the wave of crime that has now struck the nation to convince the American public that our major cities have already reached the stage of anarchy. They tinker with their arguments almost every evening on television and in the newspapers every day. When public opinion has been influenced to that extent, they will claim that a terrorist group armed with an atomic bomb has entered the United States with the aim of detonating that weapon in one of our cities. The government will then repeal the constitution and impose martial law. One will then round up the army of manipulated people as well as dissidents, or those that one would like to include, and put in concentration camps that are already being prepared throughout the country. These have the size of about 1.6 square kilometers. Are these people, who one wants to summarize in the concentration camps, the alleged "group deliveries" of slave workers, intended for use in the extraterrestrial colonies? The media, radio, television and newspapers, computer networks are then confiscated and nationalized. Anyone who resists will be arrested or killed. As early as 1984 the government and the military carried out a dress rehearsal of this operation under the code name REX 84, which was successful. Should the above events occur, the Secret Government and / or the aliens will wield complete power. Our freedom will be lost forever and we will live in slavery until the end of our days. We have to wake up and we have to wake up immediately.

Phil Klass is an agent of the CIA and this has been confirmed in reports I was able to see between 1970 and 1973. One of his jobs as a flight expert was downplaying all information related to UFOs. All military leaders were instructed to ask him for information on how to behave in the event of reports of UFO sightings and contacts with aliens and to explain to the press and the public accordingly.

William Moore, Jamie Shandera, and Stanton Friedman were either knowingly or unknowingly hand camps to the Secret Government. Rather, I think they were rather unknowing, even though William Moore has been shown to have used a military intelligence ID card and admitted to Lee Graham that he was a government agent and therefore I had doubts should these suspicions persist. Lee Graham called my home and, when asked, confirmed Moore's statements.

Stanton Friedmann also told me and many others that years ago he had worked on the construction of a nuclear reactor designed to power aircraft, which was the size of a basketball, was clean, emitted hydrogen as a waste product and had worked "like a dream". His words, not mine. The only fuel for such a machine with hydrogen as a waste product could only be water. And that is exactly what drives at least one of the alien flying bodies: namely nuclear power and water. The only source of such technology at that time was the extraterrestrials. Is he really ignorant? I am not sure. He was a member of the Moore, Shandera, and Friedman Research Group, and it was they who started the MJ 12 Emergency Plan.

In the documents that I was able to inspect between 1970 and 1973, there were the names of such persons who could bring the Majestic 12 emergency plan to the public because they were known and enjoyed public respect. Bruce Macabee Stanton Friedman and William Moore are among those listed. I don't know if their recruitment actually took place. I know, however, that subsequent events do not indicate Bruce Macabee's involvement, but actions by Stanton Friedman and William Moore are highly suspect.

I know that all major UFO research organizations are targets of Secret Government infiltration and infiltration, much like NICAP was infiltrated and controlled. I believe that all efforts have been successful. It is very likely that all major UFO releases are controlled as well. To this day, MJ 12 exists and works as before. It continues to exist in the same form: 6 from the same positions in the government, 6 directors of the CFR and / or the Trilateral Commission (TC). Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence is officially known as "the Senior Interagency Group" (SIG).

Finally, it is most important to understand that the CFR and its offshoot, the TC, not only control the whole, but also own the whole country. Long before World War II, they were in the lead in formulating US policy. But since World War II they have been the sole source of government policies. The CFR, the TC and their foreign counterparts are subordinate to the "Bilderbergers". Since World War II, almost all high-ranking government and military leaders, including the presidents, have been members of the CFR or the TC. All American members of the TC were or are also members of the CFR.

Every foreign nation of some importance has its own offshoot of the CFR and its national members work together internationally through the "Bilderbergers". In pursuit of their common goals. The foreign members of the TC belong to their respective national organizations. A cursory examination would reveal that the members of the CFR and TC control the largest foundations, all major media and publishing houses, the largest banks, all the major corporations, the upper levels of government, and many of the vital areas. Its members are selected and hired because they have financial strength and special interests behind them. Only not the peoples. They are undemocratic and in no way represent the majority of the population of the United States of America. But they are the people who will decide who is allowed to survive the coming Holocaust and who is not.

The Bilderbergers, the CFR and the TC are the Secret Government and they rule the nation through MJ 12 and the study group called the Jason Society or the Jason Scholars. The upper echelons of government consist mainly of its members.

Throughout our history, aliens have manipulated the human race through various secret societies, religion, magic, sorcery or the occult. The CFR and TC have complete control over the technology of the aliens and also have complete control over the economy of the country Eisenhower was the last president to have a comprehensive view of the alien problem. Subsequent presidents only learned as much as MJ 12 and the secret service organizations let them come and believe me: it was often not even the truth. MJ 12 presented each president with a picture of a lost alien culture that strived for renewal wanted to build a home on this planet and showered us with gifts in the form of technology. In some cases the President was not told anything at all. Every president swallowed history and in the meantime innocent people continue to suffer at the hands of extraterrestrial and human scientists engaged in barbaric research that compares the Nazis to pure choirboys. As if this weren't enough, many people end up as victims of the aliens' insatiable greed for biological enzymes, blood and gland secretions. Many people are kidnapped and then lead a life with psychological or physical damage. The documents that I was able to look at listed 40 people to whom devices had been used, the purpose of which I could not yet clarify. The government believes the aliens are in the process of building an army of mutilated human beings that can be activated and directed against us if necessary. We should also not forget that we have so far not been able to build up an effective countervailing power against them. Is it worth the technology they got?

On April 26, 1989, I sent 536 copies of a petition for indictment to every member of the Senate and House of Representatives. As of today, May 23, 1989, I received only two replies. One is from Senator Daniel P. Moynihan and the other from Senator Richard Lugar. Both stated that they would forward my records to Senator Cranston and Senator Wilson, California, as a precaution. Both assured me that my senators will certainly support me in my cause. I am still awaiting a response from the State of California and other states aside from the two already mentioned.

The conclusions are clear: 1. The leaders within the secret power structures assume that planet earth will self-destruct because of our stupidity or divine arrangement. These men honestly believe they are doing the right thing in their attempt to save the human race. It is a terrible irony that they were forced to partner with an alien race that is itself in a monumental struggle for survival. Many moral and legal compromises have been made in the joint effort. These compromises have been made in error and need to be corrected and those responsible should be held accountable. I understand the fear and urgency underlying the decision not to inform the public. Nevertheless, I reject these decisions. Throughout history, small but powerful groups of people have believed time and time again that they alone could have determined the fate of millions. And in all of our history this has been proven to be a mistake. This great nation owes its existence to the principles of freedom and democracy. I wholeheartedly believe that the United States will not succeed in any effort that ignores these principles. The public should be fully informed and together we must try to save the human race. 2. We are ruled by a united human and extraterrestrial power structure aimed at partial enslavement of the human race. We must do everything possible to prevent this from happening. 3. The government has been completely betrayed and we are being manipulated by an alien force resulting in the total enslavement and / or destruction of the human race. We have to do everything possible to prevent this. 4. In addition, something is happening that is beyond our current imagination. We must force all facts to be revealed, learn the truth, and act according to the truth. In any case, we need to know the truth, and no matter what happens, we are entitled to it. The situation we find ourselves in is the result of our own actions or omissions over the past 44 years. It is our own failure and we are the only ones who can change it. Through ignorance or misunderstood trust, we as a people have abandoned our role as watchdogs over our government. Our government was based on "from the people, by the people for the people". There was never any mention or thought of stepping down our role and placing our complete trust in the hands of a few men who meet in secret and determine our fate. In fact, the structure of our government was designed to prevent this from happening.Had we properly perceived our role as citizens, none of this could have happened. Most of us are completely ignorant of even the most basic functions of our government. We have truly become a nation of sheep. Sheep are finally taken to the slaughterhouse. It is up to the tent to stand up like our forefathers and walk upright like men. I remind you all that the Jews of Europe obediently marched to the ovens even though they were warned. All the while they thought that the facts couldn't be real. When the outside world was told about the Holocaust in Hitler's Europe, it could not be believed. I claim here and now that Hitler was manipulated by the same aliens. I have shown you the truth as I see it. I don't care what you think of me. I have done my duty and no matter what my fate is ahead of me: I can appear before my Creator with a clear conscience. I believe in God first, in the same God my ancestors believed in. I believe in Jesus Christ and that He is my Savior. On the other hand, I believe in the Constitution of the United States of America as it is written and intended. I have taken my oath on this constitution to protect and defend it against all enemies, from inside and outside. I am determined to take this oath

Milton William Cooper