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Quality from Germany - guaranteed!

As the first manufacturer of bathroom furniture, burgbad GmbH receives the new, RAL-certified guarantee of origin "Furniture Made in Germany" - for each of its five product lines. The new label identifies cabinets, chairs & Co. from Germany that demonstrably meet strictly defined criteria and is intended to offer consumers reliable guidance.

When it comes to new home furnishings, quality furniture is required. The Association of the German Furniture Industry (VDM) notes a growing willingness to spend more money on furniture “Made in Germany” - a quality concept for decades. In times of global supply chains that are increasingly difficult to keep track of, however, the designation of origin that has hitherto been used as self-labeling threatens to lose trust. In order to anticipate this and to offer customers a better basis of information, the Association of the German Furniture Industry (VDM) has developed a new label together with the German Institute for Quality Assurance and Labeling (RAL): The geographical guarantee of origin "Furniture Made in Germany" according to RAL-RG 0191. The label issued by VDM on June 1st is the first RAL-recognized guarantee of origin for furniture and the first ever for everyday objects. The first products that are allowed to carry the label have now been determined.

The entire burgbad furniture collection is "Furniture Made in Germany" certified

Burgbad GmbH, the bathroom furniture specialist based in Bad Fredeburg in the Sauerland and in Greding in Bavaria, is not only among the first 30 manufacturers to be tested according to RAL-RG 0191, but also the first bathroom furniture manufacturer to use the label. Since the label is a product certification, each product segment of burgbad GmbH was individually tested and certified. Each of the five product lines in the burgbad furniture program fulfills the criteria and is allowed to carry its own label: the entry-level and quick delivery line sys10, the collections of the design line sys20, the system line sys30, the room concept rc40 and the rl Room Light program.

With the label, end consumers receive a guarantee of origin when buying furniture

"We very much welcome the fact that with‘ Möbel Made in Germany ‘a guarantee of origin is being introduced that quickly signals to the customer that what is written on it is really there," says burgbad's board spokesman Jörg Loew, summarizing the label's importance. "This not only strengthens our location in Germany, but is also a confirmation of our employees, with whose competence we manage to achieve a high level of added value in our own country." In the sanitary industry, the efficient logistics network of the three-stage sales channel within Germany also ensures for efficient supply chains. As a result, burgbad sees itself well positioned in terms of short distances, service and customer proximity.

Comprehensive test criteria

The new label is tied to strict conditions that the German Institute for Quality Assurance and Labeling (RAL) has set in cooperation with experts. These require that the construction, assembly and quality testing of the products to be certified take place in Germany. In addition, the manufacturing process relevant to the quality must mainly take place in Germany, and the components must also come predominantly from Germany. The label was developed and introduced together with the Association of the German Furniture Industry (VDM). The Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel (DGM) monitors compliance with the requirements on behalf of VDM.

Label supports burgbad in its sustainability strategy

burgbad has always been committed to Germany as a location and to high standards. "For a long time now, our corporate responsibility has not only been based on the high-quality and economical production of bathroom furniture," explains Jörg Loew. “Burgbad's corporate philosophy has always been shaped by sustainable thinking and acting. In addition to environmental protection, this thinking also includes the protection of our customers and our employees. With the new label 'Furniture Made in Germany' we underline this commitment and want to give our customers the security that when choosing a burgbad product, regardless of which segment, they are choosing furniture that is not only stylish but also contemporary Comply with the highest safety and environmental requirements in Germany. "

Far-reaching activities to protect people and the environment

In this way, burgbad is further expanding its sustainability activities, which the medium-sized company has been running for several years at various levels. Just recently, in April 2020, burgbad AG was recertified for the fourth time as a “climate-neutral furniture manufacturer”. In 2016, burgbad was the first bathroom furniture manufacturer to join the DGM climate pact and jumped straight to the highest level as a “climate-neutral furniture manufacturer”.

In addition, all burgbad furniture - along with other recognized seals - has had the PEFC certificate for the PEFC chain of custody since 2014. PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) is an independent certification system to ensure sustainable forest management. In addition, the entire furniture range of burgbad GmbH has been continuously classified with emission class A since 2015. Emission class A means a low risk of exposure to harmful substances and is the best possible classification for the world's first emission label for furniture (in comparison: emission class D only corresponds to the legal requirements with regard to the limit values ​​for formaldehyde).

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