Well worth buying the Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf - Buy or rent a battery?

The Nissan Leaf, like the Renault Zoe, offers an option to rent the battery. However, the Zoe's battery can only be rented, not bought. Whether it is worth renting or buying the battery depends on a number of factors.

Essentially, you have to be clear about how long you want to keep the car and what mileage you can expect per year. Nissan staggered the rental costs for the battery. So it's the same model as the Zoe. A longer rental period and fewer kilometers driven each year have a positive effect on the monthly rent. In contrast to Renault, Nissan also offers the option of buying the battery, which costs 5,900 euros.

It should be noted that the Leaf with 15 kW per 100 km requires 0.4 kW more than the Zoe and 3.3 kW more than the VW e-Up. In the overall view, however, this only plays a subordinate role. Even if you assume an additional consumption of 4 kW per 100 km, with electricity costs of 0.20 euros per kW you only come to 160 euros additional costs with an annual mileage of 20,000 km.

The main cost drivers are therefore the battery rent, which ranges between 79 and 142 euros per month, or the purchase price for the battery. The costs are staggered according to the annual mileage and rental period:


 12 months24 Months36 months
12,500 km79 euros79 euros79 euros
15,000 km106 euros96 euros86 euros
17,500 km114 euros104 euros94 euros
20,000 km122 euros112 euros102 euros
25,000 km142 euros132 euros122 euros


A comparison of costs shows that renting the battery can be quite interesting. In our calculations, we assume that the customer usually opts for a three-year contract. In the most expensive case, this means (if you drive 25,000 km or more per year) that the purchase of the battery is only worthwhile after 4 years. If you have covered 12,500 km or less, the purchase is worthwhile after a good 6 years.

If the expected mileage is less than 12,500 kilometers, you should definitely consider renting the battery. If you want to sell the Leaf again after 4 years, you should definitely refrain from buying the battery.