Are you familiar with Python intermediate projects

Chair for Production and Logistics Planning


Over the years, the Python programming language has become one of the most popular languages ​​- both in science and in industry. It is now one of the most frequently taught languages ​​at universities and is considered a leader in many application areas such as "Artificial Intelligence" or "Machine Learning". Python is characterized by a simple and clear syntax. This makes it much easier to learn and is an excellent programming language for beginners. Thanks to a very extensive library, many of the above-mentioned areas of application can already be implemented using prefabricated modules. Furthermore, among other things, standard software for mathematical optimization can easily be integrated, whereby, for example, linear optimization models can be implemented intuitively and solved very well.

In this programming course, students are introduced to the programming language and programming itself. An important part of this is learning and practicing how to independently find solutions through your own research. The programming course consists of two components: a block seminar and a final project.

In the block seminar, the students are taught the basics in didactically prepared presentations on the one hand, and on the other hand, the students should work on their first small projects independently during supervised computer exercises. At the end of the block seminar, each student (preferably grouped into teams) receives an extensive final project in which a problem from the area of ​​production and logistics planning is to be implemented. The final results of the final project will be presented.