Why didn't Bernie become a Democrat?

US presidential election : Democrat Bernie Sanders drops out of candidate races

Left Senator Bernie Sanders is stepping out of the US Democrats' presidential race, clearing the way for ex-US Vice President Joe Biden to run for election. Sanders' campaign team announced its decision on Wednesday, the day after the recent Wisconsin primary election.

This makes Biden the only remaining candidate in the Democratic race and is de facto the challenger to President Donald Trump. The election will take place on November 3rd.

Due to the spread of the corona virus, the US election campaign had recently largely come to a standstill. Various states postponed their primaries, originally scheduled for March and April, to a later date.

Only Wisconsin pulled out and held its area code on the original date despite heated discussions and against the will of the local governor. So far there have been no reliable results from Wisconsin.

Biden turned the race on "Super Tuesday"

At the start of the race, Sanders had led national polls among Democratic presidential candidates for a long time. He had also made a strong start in the pre-election series. On “Super Tuesday” on March 3, the most important pre-election day with votes in 14 states, Biden cleared away and won in 10 states. Even in the next major pre-election days, Biden continued his winning streak and expanded his lead over Sanders - most recently in Wisconsin.

Various former comrades-in-arms who had dropped out of the party race had publicly spoken out in favor of Biden as a presidential candidate and called on their supporters to support his campaign. Biden was Vice President Barack Obama from 2009 to 2017. For Sanders, however, there were no such expressions of solidarity. From the outset, many prominent Democratic leaders had reservations about Sanders, the self-proclaimed “Democratic Socialist”, as their party's presidential candidate.

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Sanders has represented a clearly left-wing agenda for decades. The Senator from Vermont is fighting, among other things, for health insurance for all and for greater taxation of the rich. Some of his positions were initially decried by the Democrats, but have now become established there. Critics still accuse him of being too radical. The 78-year-old had already tried for the presidential candidacy of the Democrats in the 2016 election, but was defeated by his rival Hillary Clinton in the primaries at the time.

With the Republicans, Trump is unchallenged

In the summer, the Democrats want to officially elect their presidential candidate: The nomination party conference was originally scheduled for mid-July, but was postponed to mid-August due to the Corona crisis.

At the beginning, nearly 30 applicants from the Democrats had tried to run their party's presidential nomination. However, they gradually got out, with the advance of the primaries ever faster.

The Republicans have already decided that Trump will run for re-election as his party's candidate. Initially, the incumbent had several internal party competitors. But at no time did they represent serious competition. The Republican nomination convention is also due in August. The actual presidential election is scheduled for November 3rd. (dpa)

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