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15 tips on how to tease women properly

You have the old saying "What loves teasing himself" heard quite a lot in your school days. A boy playfully steals the girl's hair tie and she tries to get it back. Even with adults, teasing is often used in seduction, but the whole thing no longer looks so childish and obvious.

In this article I would like to give you 15 tips on what exactly is important when teasing and how you can use it correctly with women.

Why you so far fail with women and like you a woman's heart really conquered:



1. The psychology behind teasing

Basically, teasing means nothing more than annoying each other. This kind of anger is combined with disinterest in the other. It is only annoyed in a playful way and the opposite is challenged to react appropriately.

This tries to get closer to the other person without showing real interest too quickly. The advantage of teasing in seduction is that you can first test whether the other side is interested at all. There is therefore no longer any risk of receiving a painful basket.

Teasing is not only used to seduce women. Teasing is also common practice among family, friends and work colleagues. This is why teasing can be used fairly well with women undercover, so that they can carefully feel their way first.

2. By teasing you avoid the dreaded friend zone

Due to a lack of sexual tension, many men end up in the friend zone with the lady. They simply do not dare to build up sexual tension, since above all they do not want to rush anything or are downright afraid that they could scare off the woman. They are simply a lot too nice and too shy.

But it is precisely this reluctance that scares off the woman. Teasing a woman can also be seen as a good way to create sexual tension in a playful way. Many men will find it much easier to get started with teasing if they are too shy to stand up for their own sexuality.

3. Avoid the following mistakes!

Mistake # 1: Notes about their appearance

"I envy your healthy appetite"

You shouldn't make cheeky comments about her appearance or figure. Even if these remarks are fictitious by you and they absolutely do not apply to her, she will most likely take it personally.

Even if she has a body like a top model, she will still claim that she has some problem areas.

Mistake # 2: The smile is missing

Your teasing will only work as such if your facial expressions match the words being said. The lack of a smile can lead to her perceiving your line not as a harmless tease, but as a real insult.

Mistake # 3: Never play the clown

It's super important that you don't go overboard with teasing. You have to find a healthy balance between teasing & serious issues. Otherwise, she may just see you as some kind of entertainment clown and not as a serious potential relationship partner.

To find the best mediocrity for you personally, you should just stay yourself. If it suits your character that you tease often and a lot, then you don't need to worry whether it's too much of a good thing or not.

Ultimately, you only want to attract women into your life who are also a good match for you. If a woman doesn't share your sense of humor, so much the better if you find out as early as you can and don't pretend to be her.

4. At the Christmas party of a friend of mine

A friend named Jessica asked me if I could pick her up from her Christmas party. I was so friendly and picked her up because I was still out with my best friend Christian that evening.

After we arrived at the Christmas party, we had a quiet meal and talked to some guests. After a short time, I had a conversation with a colleague of Jessica's.

We also started flirting pretty quickly. When we wanted to go home at some point, I said goodbye to my colleague at the exit with the following words:

"Goodbye, goodbye! We will never see each other again anyway ;-). "

At that moment, her jaw fell, because she was amazed at how naughty I was to her, even though we had understood each other so well. The next morning I received a message from her via WhatsApp.

The interesting thing was that I hadn't given her my cell phone number. She got my cell phone number from Jessica so she could respond to my cheeky goodbye teasing.

When I said goodbye to the Christmas party, it was simply decisive that I had a dirty smile on my face. As you can see, you don't have to try hard to get a woman's cell phone number in every situation.

5. Cold reading

Cold reading is where you make guesses. Instead of giving her one boring question after another, you just make completely stupid and unrealistic guesses about her.

First, you pattern them very slowly from head to toe and look with a critical eye. Right after that, you can tease her with a guess. If she looks very sporty and has a good figure then you can tell her the following:

“You look like a real bodybuilder. I can already imagine how you pose in front of the mirror next to all the other tall guys and examine your size 44 biceps. "

Or if she doesn't like going to the club to party:

“I think that you spend your time with Netflix & Co. on weekends. I can really imagine how you lie on your couch in Diddle pajamas on Friday evenings, feeding chips and enjoying one season after the other. "

6. Pay attention to their state of mind

You should be particularly careful when teasing when she is in a really bad mood. Maybe her hamster recently died or she just had a bad day.

Then it can happen that she is not at all receptive to teasing. Worse, she'll hate you right now for your lack of empathy.

It is best if you then just leave her alone and give her the time she needs. If she doesn't respond to your teasing, it doesn't always have to have something to do with you.

7. The hot-cold method

Most women are simply showered with clumsy compliments. Here some examples:

  • "You have a great charisma"
  • "You have beautiful eyes"
  • "You have great hair"

Such compliments simply brag about her. They are boring, unimaginative, and impersonal. With a simple trick, you can modify completely boring compliments so that the woman is teased.

I call it the hot-cold method. You simply have to add negative information (cold) after the compliment (hot). Here's an example:

“You have a cool hat. My annoying little sister has one too. "

At first, as you start the compliment, she'll roll her eyes in annoyance, but after receiving the damper, it'll wake her up. This is how you get all of their attention.

The hot-cold method works not only with words, but above all with actions. You can use this technique in almost every imaginable situation. Would you like another example?

You kiss passionately and out of nowhere you end this beautiful moment. Usually the woman ALWAYS ends the kiss. If, on the other hand, you end the kiss first, she will be very insecure, as this would never otherwise happen to her. She will become even more sexually attracted to you and can never get enough of you.

8. Teasing with physical contact

Establishing physical contact with a woman is quite difficult for most men. A very simple way to do this is to establish body contact by teasing. Like back then at school, where the boy took something from the girl and then secretly hoped that she would try to get it back.

If you sit next to each other and you are talking, for example, about the topic of the gym, you can touch your biceps and rate them. If she likes you, she will insult you as an "ass" and playfully box you on your shoulder.

So she can get used to your body contact until she is ready for the first kiss. Many men make the mistake of trying to kiss the woman, even though they had almost no physical contact beforehand.

9. Give her nickname

Situational nicknames work best. If she tries to boss you around, you can nickname her "Princess Lillifee". So you get her down from her high horse and you show yourself humorous at the same time.

10. How women tease men

Here is an example from my evening school days. I went to my car after evening school and I saw the following message on the side window of my car:

It goes without saying that this message was written in a very large and present form on my screen in light lipstick so that no one could miss it. I felt like a teenager in school at that moment when a girl painted a huge penis in my exercise book to tease me.

Out of curiosity, I tried to call this number back, but the line was of course dead. So this number was fictitious. It later turned out to be a classmate of mine just to tease me.

11. How to react to the woman's teasing

It is extremely important that you never seem offended at their teasing! No matter how mean she is to you, the best weapon for this is your humor. Be calm and, most importantly, don't take it personally.

Should you be offended or even become aggressive towards her, then this behavior shoots you out immediately! You didn't pass her test or shit test and she will immediately lose interest in you.

The best thing to do is to train your quick-wittedness so that you can counter immediately. If you manage to respond appropriately to their spell without a long delay, you have won the game. She asks you "Do you address every woman with this saying?", then you can answer like this: "Are you crazy? Only those who are at least 160cm tall! "

12. You don't seem needy by teasing

Another benefit of teasing is that you don't feel needy towards the woman. With the cheeky way you give the woman to understand that you are almost indifferent to whether she likes you or not.

This behavior instantly sets you apart from most other boring guys. In addition, you turn the tables that she has to take care of you too. Women love this type of man, who is independent and does not allow himself to be wrapped around his finger by a woman.

13. Teasing in the relationship

Not only during seduction, but also in a relationship, teasing provides that certain something and tingles in the stomach. The teasing ensures that the relationship doesn't fall asleep and get too boring.

You are also a little unpredictable for your partner, which is a challenge for her again.

14. Teasing about WhatsApp & Co.

When teasing over text messages, the majority of men make the mistake of using emojis or smileys too much. Actually, the emojis make sure that the woman can easily see that you just want to tease her. Text messaging simply lacks all body language.

But since women have very fine antennae in this regard, they notice even without emojis that it is about teasing. Most men simply use too many emojis in their messages because they are too scared that they might lose the woman in case she picks up the message incorrectly and is offended.

You can start your own experiment and reduce the use of emojis a lot. The women will no longer perceive you as a fearful wimp, but as a self-confident and strong man. Just look at how much women use smileys when writing and just use a tad less of them.

15. More examples of teasing:

  • When she babbles incessantly like a waterfall: "Tell me, is there an off switch somewhere?" (You can then playfully look for this switch on her and thus indirectly establish body contact)
  • If you take them home with you: “You have to promise me one thing. If I take you home with me, you have to promise me something, okay? (She immediately agrees with “yes, of course!”). Please keep your hands where I can always see them, ok? Otherwise I feel compelled to kick you out of my apartment. " (This is how you turn the tables by assuming that she wants you to do your laundry, even though that is always the man's job)


If you want to get really good at teasing women, you have to find your own style. The examples I mentioned in this article are useful and very effective to get you started, but in the long run you should come up with your own examples that you personally like.


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