What does reading mean

read off (German)

Part of speech: Verb

ab | read | sen, past tense: read from, participle II: ab | ge | read | sen
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ˈApˌleːzn̩]
Word meaning / definition:
1) record a value
2) Speak something written out loud
3) deduce from something
4) pick
Origin of the term:
Composition of affix read and read
Application examples:
1) “At the request of customers, third parties will also be able to use the electricity meters in the future read off can, for example, specialized service providers. "
1) “The clock on the tower of the church was a gift from Count Franz Nadásdy, who, as he lived across the street in the harness house, set the hour from his window read off wanted and therefore had a watch made at his own expense; [...] "
1) “You can get the heat from the thermometer read offeven when the reel is running; the latter should make about 20 revolutions per minute. "
2) “The rows of members of parliament are empty except for a small group that consists almost entirely of those who have read something read off.“
2) “Whether you read your speech read off, using key words or wanting to keep it free depends entirely on how proficient you are as a speaker. "
3) “Mostly it's their looks that I look at read off can what they think of me. "
3) “On it (as on some other streets in this area) the various construction phases can be clearly seen read off.“
3) “They love their sons dearly and believe their every wish from their lips read off to have to."
3) “A study by the American researcher Jefferson Duarte from Rice University in Houston showed that creditworthiness is definitely on the face read off leaves."
4) “The grapes are clean read off, and do not throw the rotten rotten, untimely grapes or leaves into the butter. "
Word formations:
readable, reader, reading
Present tense: I. read off; you reads; he she it reads
Simple past: I. read off
Subjunctive II: i read off
Imperative: singular read off!; Plural read off!
Participle II: read
Auxiliary verb: to have


Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

Certain complaints can be seen in the eyes read off - are they red, swollen or dark?
Today.at, April 24, 2019

Average life expectancy is a value to look at read off can how a country is doing. A study compared the development in 18 industrialized countries. Germany came second to last.
Welt.de, August 24, 2018

Russia gave several Ukrainian soldiers "confessions" on Tuesday read off that reflect the view of the Kremlin.
BILD.de, November 27, 2018

The Bestbot, developed in Switzerland, is a web-based dialogue system that measures the emotional state of the user on the facial expression read off can - an ethically questionable ability.
Bernerzeitung.ch, December 11, 2018

10,000 year old chewing gum? Yes, something like that actually existed back then - made of birch bark pitch. Scandinavian researchers discover very old human genetic material in it, from which a tremendous amount can be found read off leaves.
n-tv.de, May 15, 2019

How many rapeseed pests occur where and when? When monitoring you can see the regional pressure of infestation read off and report yourself.
agrarheute.com, February 24, 2020

Deaf people depend on other people's lips read off to be able to. This is impossible in times of corona and mask requirements. A man from the Palatinate has come up with a solution for this.
SWR.de, April 28, 2020

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the much-discussed reproduction number in the corona pandemic has climbed back to over 1 in the past few days. What you get out of it read off can - and what not.
Focus Online, May 10, 2020

For weeks, looking at the reproduction rate calms you down: the number is shrinking. However, the key figure has been rising again for a few days, now it is 1.13. What to get out of the contagion rate read off can - and what not.
n-tv.de, May 10, 2020

Germany has got the corona virus under control to some extent. But now an important indicator climbs above a critical value. What you get out of it read off can - and what not.
GMX, May 10, 2020

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Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • detect
  • see: notice something by looking closely, take in information; develop something through thorough thinking, work out information; tlwva., synonym for: see; tlwva. choose someone from a group; dislike someone or something
  • collect
  • search: search for something in a specific area; remove something after a thorough inspection / search (lice, caterpillars, pests ...)
  • peck down
  • collect down
  • read away

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Egg timer:… 2) I control the incubation time with an egg timer. Typical word combinations: ~ read, ~ hang up, ~ observe, ~ place, ~ turn around, translations English: ...

read: ... Typical word combinations: 1) reading a certain reading diagonally Derived words: 1) reading, reading, reading, reading, reading through, reading (yourself), reading, proofreading ...

water meter: read the water meter Translations English: water meter 1), Italian: 1) contatore dell’acqua (male) Spanish: 1) contador de agua (male), 1) contador del agua (male)

y-axis:… General terms: 1) Axis Application examples: 1) You can read the value on the y-axis. Derived words: y-axis intercept Translations Catalan: 1)…

destemming: formed Synonyms: 1) read, pluck, de-stem, rub. Examples of use: 1) For half the day we peeled currants until we had enough for the juice

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