How often does your shower drain clog

What to do if the shower drainage channel is blocked

What should I do?

Before you can clean the shower channel, it must first be removed. Most covers can be removed without tools, some are secured with a click system or with screws.

This is how you should proceed:

  1. Remove the cover of the shower channel with the appropriate tool.
  2. Clean the cover with a mild household cleaner.
  3. Now clean the visible inner surface with a household cleaner as well.
  4. You can remove calcification with a mixture of vinegar and water using a toothbrush. Soda is also suitable for this.
  5. Now remove the drain from the shower channel. It is usually located in the middle of the channel and is round or oval.
  6. Take out any hair and soap residue.
  7. Rinse the drain thoroughly.
  8. The toothbrush is used again for other coarse soiling.

How can you preventively avoid constipation?


Hair is often the cause of blockages. Together with soap residue, they can combine into stubborn lumps. If there is no hair strainer for the shower channel, people with long hair or those with hair loss should wash their hair in the hand basin or in the bathtub. Here you can put a sieve in the drain and catch the hair.


Soap is solid when dry. It also tends to do this when it has become stuck in the siphon. Better to use shower gel for washing. It is washed away more easily and does not form lumps.

Water economy

Saving resources makes a lot of sense, but you shouldn't save at the wrong end. Rinsing after every shower is definitely recommended in order to thoroughly remove still soft deposits.

Not only the shower channel has to be serviced regularly. For the maintenance of the shower you should always keep an eye on the silicone joints. If these become brittle, a seal against the masonry is no longer guaranteed and the walls could be damaged.
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