Which functions have been confirmed for FIFA 16

Does FIFA 16 get a proper story mode?

Over the past few years, FIFA has made enormous progress, not just technically but also in terms of content. Even if many gamblers still stoically call for the return of indoor football, the simulation has been expanded to include many elements over time. Most of the players cavort annually in the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, while the rest of them let off steam in the season mode or the career. The latter has always been the subject of latent criticism: there would be too few interactions, both as a player and in the coaching section, and ultimately long-term gaming fun would only be available to a limited extent, according to the general consensus in community forums. Apart from a few tables, automatically generated messages and boring cheers when winning a title, the careers of past FIFA titles had little to offer.

"Narrative Designer" wanted

Other successful game series, such as NBA 2K from developer Visual Concepts, on the other hand, receive annual praise for their well-staged careers. The player conducts interviews, gets a look into the dressing room and is drawn much more strongly into the universe of the American NBA than is the case with FIFA. The exclusive Premier League deal for FIFA 14, the consequences of which included the integration of all stadiums and other TV ads, did please many buyers from the United Kingdom, but it was not very well received by users in the heart of Europe.

Now a new job posting is causing a stir in the FIFA scene, because it suggests that EA is finally addressing the long-known criticisms of the career in FIFA 16. A "narrative designer" is being sought, which in German can best be translated as "narrative designer". This should take care of the emotional experiences in future AAA titles from EA by creating characters and stories that will be the core of a non-linear narrative in upcoming games. However, it is not known which game series this is exactly. In addition to FIFA, the series NHL, NFL and NBA are of course also possible. Other voices suggest that the new position could also be related to a new SSX snowboard game or the reissue of the PGA titles.

Trial training, decisions and problems

However, especially the context of a soccer game like FIFA would offer enormous possibilities in terms of a more complex story mode. In particular, the player career could, similar to NBA 2K, begin with a few auditions, after which one would have to choose between various offers. The content of the virtual image would then also have to play a stronger role. Interviews, conflicts with those responsible and situations outside the field would significantly increase the immersion of a real professional footballer's life.

It remains to be seen whether the "narrative designer" will ultimately be in charge of a new chapter in the FIFA universe. The result may also be a new extreme sports game in the SSX series, which has story elements that are reminiscent of old Tony Hawk titles.