Can I donate with 16 plasma

Fight the coronavirus with blood plasma

The plasma is collected in a bag and all remaining blood and cells are given back to you. Everything is done in a disposable set, you do not come into contact with foreign blood. When enough plasma has been collected, the device beeps and the donation is finished. It all takes about 45 minutes. You will be monitored and accompanied by our medical staff at all times.


  • Please register with your contact details and a photo / scan of the certificate of your positive PCR test (smear test) at one of the addresses listed below.
  • The plasma donation is carried out in our institutes for transfusion medicine in Oldenburg and Dessau. Please note that a plasma donation can only take place in our stationary facilities and not during mobile blood donation appointments.

We need the following data from you:

  1. Last name, first name and date of birth, if you are already a donor, your donor number
  2. Address, at least a telephone number, at which we can reach you during the day.
  3. Your permission for us to record your data and store it electronically for the purpose of implementation and medical documentation.

There is no other use.

We will contact you by phone and make an appointment for the preliminary examination.

After registration

You are now in our database for a Covid-19 plasma donation (convalescent plasma) and we can prepare you for the donation:

Before the actual donation, a blood sample is taken for pre-testing. The following is examined:

  • Whether there are enough antibodies to SARS-COV-2 in your plasma
  • Whether interfering antibodies are present that would endanger a plasma receiver
  • Whether there are any infectious diseases that prevent a donation

In addition, you have to fill out the usual blood donor questionnaire and an explanation will be given.

After receiving the test results, you will be informed in writing by us and you can make an initial appointment for a plasma donation.


DRK blood donation service NSTOB

Institute Oldenburg

Brandenburger Str. 21, 26133 Oldenburg (right next to the Oldenburg Clinic)

Telephone: 0441 / 94401-18

Mail: [email protected]

DRK blood donation service NSTOB

Institute for Transfusion Medicine Dessau

Altener Damm 50, 06847 Dessau

Phone: 0340 / 54141-0

Mail: [email protected]

We are very pleased that you are supporting us in the fight against the pandemic and helping those who are sick to defeat the virus.