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04/16/2020 | Client: Kearney | Department: Austria / Economy / Industry | Press release

In their new book, “Disruptive Procurement” (Springer), the procurement experts at Kearney show how companies can optimally exploit the innovative potential of their purchasing function and digitalization. The book by the two main authors Michael F. Strohmer and Robert Kromoser, as well as other renowned procurement experts, is available online at www.springer.com and from May 7th at a price of 46.79 euros in bookshops.

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Vienna / Düsseldorf, April 16, 2020. Revolutionize shopping. "The Corona crisis is forcing procurement to reinvent itself within a very short time," says Michael F. Strohmer, Procurement expert and co-lead of the European operations practice at Kearney: “Since the pandemic effects of Covid-19, we are no longer talking about change, but about disruption that companies have to face. In our book 'Disruptive Procurement', we deliver a new approach on how companies can advance the digitization of their purchasing function to secure their livelihoods and mobilize innovative forces. "

Connection of added value dimensions

“The procurement market has never been subject to such tremendous upheavals,” says Robert Kromoser, Co-author and managing director of Kearney Austria. "In addition to the eruptions that the technological change brought about by digitization, there are now the effects of the corona crisis, which range from interrupted supply chains to radically falling purchasing power."

With the English book “Disruptive Procurement. Winning in a Digital World ”, which is being published by Springer these days, Strohmer and an international team of authors of procurement experts from the USA, Europe and Asia offer top management deep insights into the value-increasing potential of procurement, which is based on strategic foresight and agility , Combine innovation and efficiency. The focus is on the connection of two dimensions of added value: the value of the company for the customer and the value of the supplier for the company. COVID19 in particular shows how important a 360 ° view of procurement is, because those companies that were more flexible and closer to the market and suppliers were able to better absorb the massive changes in the supply chains. In the opinion of the Kearney Procurement experts, the prerequisite for this is strong support on the Board of Directors and an integrated collaboration between purchasing, marketing, sales, research, development and production. One key function is digitization, which makes purchasing leaner, faster and smarter and makes a strategic contribution to value and innovation.

Procurement outlook until 2035

The book deepens this approach in four chapters and concludes with an outlook on the future of procurement in 2035. Assuming a highly volatile environment in which various scenarios such as the world of multi-local markets and anti-globalization are possible, it clearly shows that established procurement practices must be continuously and innovatively developed. The second chapter deals with the importance of procurement at board level and how the heterogeneous perspectives of the Chief Procurement Officer and the Chief Executive Office can be brought together. “Is there no app for procurement?”, The authors ask provocatively and in the next chapter they show how the new digital possibilities artificial intelligence, automation and advanced analytics can be used for more effectiveness and efficiency. This creates the freedom to make procurement a strategic partner within the company. The fourth chapter describes how the disruptive power of procurement can only be developed from a deep understanding of customers and suppliers, which evolves and shows the way there.

The authors agree that the future of procurement, which they outline in the outlook of the book, has come a big step closer due to the corona crisis. Procurement must now grow into the role of a far-sighted, proactive innovation scout integrated into the company as quickly as possible.

"Disruptive Procurement"

(Springer Verlag, 122 pages, ISBN 978-3-030-38950-5) can now be downloaded online from a price starting at 37.44 euros at https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783030389499.

The hardcover is available from May 7, 2020 at a price of € 48.14 (D) | € 49.49 (A) | 53.50 (CH) available in bookshops.

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