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E&O in action

Ethics & Organization student and meditation instructor Dina Sophia König hosted a meditation program from September 14th to 17th, 2020, in which other E&O students also took part.

What is meditation ... not?

The meditation that the participants practiced at this event has nothing to do with esotericism. It's not about flying through spaces or getting any spheres of light. It is also not about optimizing yourself into a superhuman or worshiping any guru. It's not about achieving any goals.

Meditation is not what you think.

This practice is simply about doing nothing. From childhood we are trained to want to achieve something. In kindergarten we want to go to elementary school, then to the higher class there, etc. We always want to achieve a “better” state. We want to be happier, smarter, more successful, more beautiful, faster and more relaxed. During meditation we take a break from wanting to change something.

It is simply a matter of perceiving what is here and now. The point is to synchronize the thoughts - which are used to telling us stories, which are used to travel to the past, future or fantasy worlds - with our body, which is sitting on the meditation cushion. Through the practice of meditation, we train our mind to return to the present moment over and over again.

This exercise has no goal. Meditation brings out what is. This can of course be relaxation. But that can also be boredom, sadness or nervousness. When we perceive what is going on within us, we usually have the inner impulse to want to change the state. When we love, we want to hold onto love. When we're down, we want to get rid of the feeling. Through meditation we practice not to change, but to accept and accept without judgment. It's all about this. Be aware of yourself, others and the world in openness.

How did the idea for “meditation in the middle of Witten” come about?

Dina Sophia König read studies on mindfulness for the first time as part of her business psychology degree. Mindfulness is the construct that describes a state in which the present moment is perceived and accepted without judgment. A large number of researchers are investigating what influence this state and the practice of mindfulness have on the human brain, for example, and how it affects job satisfaction, creativity or mental health.

The book "WIE VOR WAS" by Karl Ludwig Leiter, in which the meditation practice is explained in a simple, humorous and entertaining way, then brought her to her first meditation program in the winter of 2015 with the author, a father of three and freelance graphic designer who has been offers seminars and workshops on meditation and mindfulness across Europe. He shaped Dina a lot and trained her as a meditation instructor to pass on the practice. Since then, Dina has attended more than 20 meditation seminars.

Out of the desire to create a space in which people learn and practice meditation together on the one hand, and openly meet and inspire one another on the other, Dina finally held her first multi-day meditation event "Be Your Way Days" in January 2019, which took place in the villa Froschloch took place in Dortmund. The first multi-day meditation program then took place in Witten in February 2020. The second round was “Meditation in the Middle of Witten” with eight participants on September 14-17, 2020, including the two E&O students Seraphine Petersen and Jay Prakash.

In the middle of Witten

Because the meditation practice itself is realistic and simple, the location should also correspond to this. As in February, the event took place in the LOKAL, at Wiesenstrasse 26, across from the [….] Room in the heart of downtown Witten. Lunch was served by Nabiha, the milk milk cooker, who enchanted the participants with her delicious cuisine. In the afternoons and evenings, the group spent the last midsummer days swimming in the Ruhr, walking through the forest or relaxing in the camp. The accommodation was overlooking the forests of the Hohenstein, directly on the Hammerteich. There they slept in single rooms as well as in tents, under the starry sky, and had a delicious breakfast and dinner. The days ended slowly and warmly when we were together by the fire with good conversations and music. Participant Len Helmig says, “It was amazing to me what a personality-opening influence four days of mindful get-togethers can have on people.”, And participant Johanna Pröscher sums up her experience in three words: “Silence. Community. Wellbeing. "

What's next?

Because the event “Meditation in the middle of Witten” has been so well received, there is now a joint meditation in the LOKAL every Monday evening and the next weekend program in the middle of Witten from November 20th to 22nd, which is aimed at both university members and members External directs.



Dina Sophie König

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