What words always seem to destroy relationships

When career destroys the relationship: This is how you save your partnership

Luck at work, bad luck in love? If you want to make a career, you have to be flexible and accept some compromises. Studying in another city, semester abroad, further training, seminars, business trips, overtime - where is there still room for love and a family of your own? Gone are the days when women had children immediately after school and were then responsible for housekeeping and upbringing while their husbands made careers. Nowadays women too want to realize themselves and be successful at work, which is why they often put having children on the back burner. Balancing a career and a relationship can be a real challenge. Do we have to choose or can we have both?

The love killer job

The day was stressful and you didn't get home on time again. Not taking the bad mood home with you often seems impossible, which is why your partner suffers from it on a regular basis. Since we spend most of our lives at work, this is understandably a big topic at home too, but it can quickly lead to arguments. Too long working days, too little time for two, money worries, unfinished household: In fact, constant discussions about the job lead to a breakup in every fifth relationship.

Work-life balance: tips to save your relationship

Perhaps your partnership is also endangered and about to end? But you don't want to give up that quickly! Our tips can help you to save your relationship after all.

# 1: improve your communication

Good communication is essential in a happy relationship. Perhaps you are familiar with the situation: You are angry because your partner has had to work longer or the household has been broken again. Instead of bringing up this topic, you respond with a bad mood and disapproval. This situation naturally offers enormous potential for conflict, which is why a dispute arises without the actual problem being addressed. Nobody can read minds, therefore: Talk to your partner and don't eat everything into yourself. Tell him or her what's on your mind and try to find a solution together.

# 2: Show genuine interest and listen

"Well honey, how was your day?" - Perhaps you are just asking this question out of habit, but you are not really interested in the answer. That's why you prefer to switch off while your partner talks extensively about the problems of your favorite colleague and the difficulties of the new project. No wonder - after all, you hardly know your partner's colleagues, and you don't understand exactly what they do at work anyway. However, a lack of interest in the professional life of the other can be fatal for the partnership: After all, in a love relationship you should be able to talk about topics that concern you. Therefore, the next time your partner tells you something, listen actively and ask them questions to show you are interested.

# 3: take responsibility

Of course, it's easier to blame the partner for the problems in the relationship rather than looking for your own mistakes. But a partnership always takes two. If you want to save your relationship, you should take responsibility for your behavior. Maybe your partner is right about some of the allegations. What could you do to accommodate him or her here? Could you just turn off your cell phone at home instead of constantly checking new emails? Try to empathize with your partner and reconsider your decisions.

# 4: Create common rituals

After a strenuous day, there is often a lack of motivation to actively spend the evening and to take time for the partner. Maybe one of you will sit on the sofa and watch TV while the other reads a book. Even if this sounds like an ideal end to the day for many couples, this type of evening design brings the relationship to crumble for others in the long run. If quality time is important to you in a partnership, you shouldn't have to do without it. So how about an evening ritual together? Here some examples:

  • have dinner together
  • cooking together
  • massage each other
  • watch a series that you both like
  • read to each other

# 5: Introduce a date night

The exciting crackle at the beginning of a relationship is over quickly. Daily routine and monotony follow. While you used to dig the best clothes for a date in the cinema out of the closet, you now sit around on the sofa in a rotten look. The partner already knows your worst sides - so why dress up? But if you want to save the relationship from "ending" and rekindle your love, you should perhaps pick up on old times. Introducing a date night can bring a breath of fresh air into the partnership and make your time together more valuable. To do this, select a day of the week whose evening belongs only to both of you. What did you guys do together when you met and before the job became an issue?

# 6: stay alert

When career is an important part of your life, there is often a lot of time and focus in your work. You may also be on the road a lot for work and therefore have a long-distance relationship. But even if you cannot see each other every day, you can demonstrate your love to your partner in other ways. Be careful and show that you are thinking of him or her. Small gifts can sweeten the day and ruin disputes. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Write a nice text message.
  • Surprise with a bouquet of flowers.
  • Call on your lunch break to chat.
  • Leave a love letter on the table or in bed.
  • Cook your partner's favorite food.
  • Leave a lovely voicemail message.


Balancing love and work is not always easy. However, if you don't want to miss either, you should be aware of your general priorities and manage your time accordingly. Small changes can make a big difference in your relationship and don't have to have a negative impact on your job. On the contrary: if you have a harmonious partnership with your partner at home, you are also more balanced and relaxed at work.


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