What is your rating of Oneplus 6T

OnePlus 6T in the test


  • Front-filling OLED display in 19.5: 9 format with fingerprint sensor
  • many practical software features
  • good radio properties
  • Dual camera with great features and very good image quality
  • excellent battery life
  • very good value for money


  • Jack connection and stereo speaker are missing
  • no memory expansion
  • lack of dust and water protection
  • wireless charging not possible


connect test result: very good (432 out of 500 points)

Oneplus has blossomed from a niche manufacturer into a fixture in the industry within a very short time. The fact that the Chinese brand, which was only founded in 2013, builds top devices at a very attractive price does not go unnoticed by mobile phone providers.

So it's no wonder that Oneplus can announce the first cooperation here: At 1 & 1, the latest model 6T is even available in the tariff bundle. Otto.de has also added the device to its range.

Compared to its predecessor, Oneplus has only partially tightened the screws and has otherwise stuck to the tried and tested recipe: a lot of performance at a respectable price. Is that enough to make it into the elite circle of the top 10 on our list of the best?

Price, features and release

OnePlus 6T: hands-on test and unboxing video

With the 6T, OnePlus has presented a refreshed version of its top smartphone. We will already give you an impression of its performance.

Endless display

Those who hold the 6T in their hands for the first time are initially impressed by the huge AMOLED display, which extends over 6.4 inches. With a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels, it offers a nice, sharp image and good contrasts at 402 ppi.

Thanks to 480 cd / m2, content is illuminated brightly enough even under sunlight. The good color display can even be changed in the settings with a software-based screen calibration. Here, for example, the color profile DCI-P3 is available, which is used for cinema productions. It has a larger color space and provides stronger and warmer tones. Watching films is even more fun, also because Oneplus has narrowed the edges of the screen again.

The notch has also shrunk to the size of a drop and, like Huawei's Mate 20, only houses the selfie camera.

Above it, between the display glass and the metal frame, is the earpiece. What looks chic, however, affects the volume when making calls - the 6T is a good deal quieter on the ear compared to other top devices. But that is quickly forgotten when you hold the phone in your hands. Thanks to the rounded glass back, the 6T nestles comfortably in the hand. The matte black back of our test device feels almost velvety. Fingerprints also have a hard time.

Performance until you drop

The inner values ​​are equally convincing: Oneplus offers five different combinations of memory and data storage. Prices start at € 549 for 6/128 GB and go up to € 629 for the 8/256 GB version.

Our test device offers 8 GB of RAM and around 111 GB of free memory, which unfortunately cannot be expanded. In return, the 6T can operate with two SIM cards.

As befits a flagship, Qualcomm's high-end chipset Snapdragon 845 is implanted in the 6T. This clocks at up to 2.8 GHz and thanks to the generous 8 GB of RAM, there are no mistakes.

The 6T masters multitasking just as easily as power-hungry games. The benchmark results confirm the subjective impression - the Oneplus scores better than the Galaxy S9 + and the Mate 20 Pro. Admittedly only by a margin of nine percent, but still.

All current standards are available for networking: LTE Cat 16, ac-WLAN, NFC, Bluetooth 5 and USB-C.

The painted jack socket and the missing stereo speaker are likely to be angry for some interested parties. On the other hand, the built-in speaker is very loud, but is quickly covered by the hand when holding the smartphone.

Cleverly adapted software

When it comes to software, the Chinese rely on the in-house operating system Oxygen OS, which in the 6T is based on the current Android 9. Oneplus leaves this almost untouched and has only marginally adjusted the user interface.

The functions that go with it are well thought out: If you leave your finger on the display after unlocking with a fingerprint, a quick start menu opens, which you can use to call up apps, notes or the voice search.

After swiping to the right, the so-called “shelf” awaits the user on the start screen. Frequently used apps and functions can be accessed via this sidebar.

The gesture control, which works similarly to the new iPhones, is also practical. Nice side effect: you get even more from the display. Incidentally, this can be set to read mode - even automatically for previously defined apps. The display is desaturated and the color temperature is increased. Security-conscious people can also protect some apps with a PIN or use them with two different accounts.

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One advantage of the only slightly adapted operating system: Oneplus can deliver updates very quickly - our device already had the security patch from November in its memory at the time of the test.

mission accomplished

The 6T also showed no weakness in the laboratory test: the larger battery lasted for an outstanding 11:10 hours in the runtime test. On top of that, the measured values ​​for LTE, GSM and UMTS as well as the voice quality are all on a good level.

For the overall result, this gives the grade “very good” and tenth place in the list of the best. A great performance for the price.

Price, features and release

OnePlus 6T: hands-on test and unboxing video

With the 6T, OnePlus has presented a refreshed version of its top smartphone. We will already give you an impression of its performance.

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