How are books rated according to age

Valuation of old and antiquarian books

There are many reasons to sell an antique book. Perhaps you want to know that your book collection is in good hands or you are simply not interested in it. Some people simply realized very late that they had a valuable book collection.


There is a new marketplace on the Internet for the sale of old and antiquarian books and writings. Our readers have had good experiences with this and were able to achieve top prices. After registration, qualified experts and even notaries are at your side.

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Used writings or literature from bequests or an inheritance always surprise with an exceptionally high purchase price. In earlier times the collectibles were simply overlooked or served in a display case. We recommend determining the value of such books and selling them.

Avoid mistakes when selling books

If you have a antiquarian book collection you should handle them carefully. Make sure that you only handle the book with gloves. Otherwise you could damage the sensitive book pages. In very old specimens, these often consist of simple cellulose. You should by no means put dog-ears in the used books and avoid contamination. Place the Books or writings therefore put it on a clean table and wrap it in a protective cover. It is imperative to refrain from scribbling in the books. These could be the Value of your book collection greatly decrease. Do whatever you can to protect your old books from damage. This also includes effective protection against solar radiation, wind and splash water.


  • unnecessary scrolling
  • carefree repair
  • Wipe or clean

Valuable Books - How to Know the Value of True Treasures

Valuable books you can recognize them in many situations by their design and age. The principle applies that the value of a book increases with age. Double-page books are for collectors - they are eager to get a misprint. When collecting books, the state of preservation is of paramount importance. Tattered specimens are unpopular with collectors. For die-hard fans, a hand-signed copy is something very special. This is especially true if the author is no longer alive. At old books the edition is important: a first edition will usually fetch a higher price than a reproduction. Books that have been published in a very small print run achieve particularly high prices.


  • external factors
  • the cover
  • First editions
  • Age and rarity

Rare books - the most valuable documents in the world

There are very expensive antiquarian booksthat fetch staggering prices. These include the Leicester Codex by Leonardo da Vinci, which is worth EUR 29 million. The 72-page collection is the best known Font collection Da Vinci's. It includes mind games on various topics. For example, on fossils, why the moon shines and why water moves. The plant is currently owned by Bill Gates. The Magna Carta - the original - was auctioned in 2007 for EUR 20.1 million. The Magna Carta is an agreement between King John and the English nobility. Another expensive book is the Rothschild Book of Hours. The manuscript was sold in 1999 for EUR 12.6 million. The Gospel of John from the 8th century makes it to EUR 12.4 million. The Gospel of St. Cuthbert is designed as a paperback and written in Latin. The gospel is one of the first pieces in the world to be bound as a book. Even if you do not have such treasures in your attic, you can easily make three to four-figure sums by selling antiquarian books.

Increase the value of your books when they sell

If you want to sell antiquarian books, you should increase their value. Various measures are available for this. Free you used books dust with a brush and never use a damp cloth. The moisture it contains could damage the sensitive cellulose. A sin that you cannot make up for. You should put your books in a protective sleeve before selling them so that they are not damaged in the mail. If the book is in good condition, you should write down all of the information. This includes edition, year, publisher, author and condition. This information is of immense importance to potential buyers. The international standard book numbers, the ISBN numbers, have only existed since the 1970s and are at antique books unavailable. This makes it difficult to sell antiquarian books.

  • Remove dust with a brush
  • Get all the information available because a story increases the price
  • ensure an appealing presentation
  • leave old books in their original condition
  • Preserved the patina on the cover

Determine the book value yourself - our recommendation

The market for antiquarian books is subject to constant change. That is why there are no catalogs in which you can find them all Look up the prices of antiquarian books could. All you have to do is watch the market and see what prices your books are trading at.

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Depending on the size of the book collection to be sold, this is somewhat more time-consuming. One point of contact is the ZVAB, the “Central Directory of Antiquarian Books”. There you can Determine the value of antiquarian books. All you have to do is enter the book title in the search mask there. The price that is shown to you on the platform is only an estimate and can be many times higher. Specialist retailers who want to buy books as cheaply as possible and then sell them on at a high price are bustling on the platform. Therefore, you should distribute your books through other sales channels. For example, through a specialized auction house.

Buying antiquarian books - sell them online in the book auction

If you want to sell antiquarian books, we recommend the online auction house This specializes in the sale of special objects and attracts over 14 million visitors a month. They benefit from notarial control of the sale and secure processing. Payments are made reliably after the end of the auction. At there are over 192 experts who, among other things, focus on the Sale of antiques have specialized. These estimate the Value of your books and book collections and suggest a corresponding selling price. They determine a minimum sales price and prevent a sale below value. The fundamental advantage of is that millions of bidders cavort on the specialized sales platform. These include antique dealers, museums, wealthy private individuals, antiquarians and passionate collectors. These have a strong financial background and offer exorbitant sums to get your used books up for auction. This is where buyers and sellers meet to do good business with each other. Since you, as a private seller, do not have as much experience as a professional second-hand bookshop, you can get a lot of help from Catawiki in preparing suitable offers.

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Sell ​​old books yourself online without an ISBN

The search for a suitable second-hand bookshop can be a torture, as can the search for the right seller from whom you can buy old ones Buy literature can. If you would like to sell your antiquarian books on your own, there are various sales channels available to you. Your books will be with you for sure Second-hand bookshop Come on. However, you will not achieve a particularly good purchase price there. The antiquarian will be primarily interested in maximizing his profits. Therefore, you shouldn't expect an exceptionally high purchase price. The same applies to platforms such as eBay or selling on a flea market. There are hardly any specialized buyers there with the necessary background knowledge. Find specialized auction houses that are frequented by collectors and professionals. There you have the best chance of a high sales price. We recommend using One of the advantages of the online auction house is the price of your books appreciated by renowned experts becomes. This saves you a lot of time and effort. Since as possible high sales prices interested, you benefit from an advantageous estimate based on actual market prices.

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