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Gaming: Second map for PUBG revealed

The current king of the battle royale games gets his second map. The card is called “Miramar”. Did the developers have the former military dictatorship and the new democracy of Myanmar (Burma, Burma) as a template for the name?

In any case, the fighting players end up on a desert map, the first map called Erangel used extensive forests as a setting. So now, frugal terrain makes it all the more difficult for players to hide and get from A to B unnoticed.

Despite the sparse vegetation, there are of course some villages and other places on the map, this time including a casino, Death Bowl for motorcycle races and more. New vehicles such as a map-exclusive pickup truck and a type of jet ski are also on board. The latter will be available on both maps. The innovations also include additional weapons, such as the Win94 rifle.

The map will be playable in a final test round before the release of version 1.0 and is therefore expected for this month. A first glimpse of the gameplay can be caught in the preview tonight at the Game Awards Show, a sort of Oscar event for video games. More information about the new map is available on Steam.

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