Where is Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury Tor - is this where the legendary Avalon is located?

I showed you Glastonbury Abbey and the tombs of Arthur and Guinivere in a previous post, but Glastonbury is also often associated with the legendary island of Avalon.

Avalon is described in legends as an island hidden in mist. Glastonbury Tor is a hill in a flat landscape, the only hill in the area. 2000 years ago this area was not a mainland, but a marshland. The hill probably jutted out of the swamps as a piece of land and formed an island.

The mountain's former Celtic name is Ynys Yr Afalon, so maybe it really is the legendary Avalon where the wounded Arthur of Morgane was cared for.
The remains of an early settlement almost 2000 years old have been found on the mountain.

There is also another legend about Glastonbury Tor associated with King Arthur. Guinivere was kidnapped by King Melvas, who had his castle on Glastonbury Tor. She was imprisoned on the mountain and freed by Arthur.


The tower ruin is the remains of a 15th century church dedicated to St. Michael. Nowadays it is a popular destination for families and tourists, for hippies who play guitar there or astrologers who are looking for zodiac circles.

At the foot of the mountain you will find the most famous spring in England, the Chalice Well. The water of the spring is very ferrous and therefore slightly reddish. The source is therefore also called the blood source. The Holy Grail is said to have been hidden in this spring for a long time, said to have been brought to England by Joseph of Arimathea.