What muscles does kickboxing target

Muscle building through martial arts

Does martial arts muscle building work?

We have all had the experience that Martial arts can be very exhausting. The training at the Kickboxing or Judo demands a lot from us. But the question remains to be clarified whether we can get through Martial arts has been proven to get more muscle or whether we just have that speed, Fine motor skills and the ghost work out. Let's examine whether muscle building through martial arts really works.

In this article we would like to examine in more detail to what extent Martial arts our can help us Muscles to be built up in a targeted manner.

No time for strength training

If we focus on classic Endurance sports how To go biking and To run then it is clear that we are the endurance can improve. Even so, these will be sports only a few parts of ours Muscles claimed. But if you want to build up your muscles, your path leads to an additional one Strength training not over.

However, the common dilemma is that we simply don't have the time. The problem is, we should definitely be strengthening muscles that are being used less. But if we work all day in the office and spend the whole day sitting in front of the desk, that's not healthy at all. Then there is the fact that we drive home in the car and then relax in front of the television in the evening. It doesn't help if we go jogging every now and then to train important muscles that are neglected.

Find the right martial arts

First of all, it is very important that we have a Martial arts find that almost all Muscle groups appeals to. Often we associateMartial arts also with brutality and pain. Martial arts just means that we don't use firearms or anything like that. These martial arts include in particular Judo, Wrestling, karate and Boxing. Also Kung fu and Taekwondo belong to.

Benefits of building muscle through martial arts

The main difference to other sports is that in martial arts we also train the body and mind. In order to be able to execute the punches or throws correctly, an extremely high level of concentration is necessary. But we have to focus properly on the opponent so that we can be successful in the fight. Martial arts work like a meditation for us because during the training we forget all the problems of everyday life. Furthermore, we can let off steam in martial arts and let the tension drop. Furthermore, judo, boxing and the like train our back and abdominal muscles as well as strength and endurance.

Especially when building muscles through martial arts, we can build muscles, not only the superficial but also the deep muscles. Training in martial arts is comparable to high intensity interval training (HIIT). We strive for a short time to the limit and then rest until the next interval comes. With this training method in particular, we can burn a lot of calories and build muscles at the same time. When we practice martial arts regularly, we quickly notice that the muscles build up almost by themselves. As a nice side effect, we tone our entire body and do not feel so stressed after a workout. We have more strength and energy to master the challenges of everyday life.

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