What should I do with mushy bananas?

The 16 best things a banana can become

What images spring into your head when you think of bananas? For me, it's scenes from the last marathon, optionally also from any other running event: Mountains of bananas, already peeled and cut in half or into thirds - so that the runners can grab them as they run by and put them in their mouths.

But bananas are not only great food for marathon races: they are ready-to-eat without washing, provide quickly available carbohydrates depending on the degree of ripeness and also plenty of potassium.

Bananas are extremely popular, especially among fans of purely plant-based cuisine. I can understand that very well - they are so versatile!

In this post we have put together our favorite banana recipes for you. Especially if you (like us) are one of those people who can no longer get overripe bananas straight, you will find many ideas in our list of what you can do with these specimens.

But see (and taste) for yourself!

16 times banana enjoyment - that's how we like to eat the yellow fruit

# 1 Just pure

Whether before exercise, as a second breakfast at work or just in between - bananas provide you with energy immediately without being heavy in your stomach. They are perfect for on the go, do not have to be washed or cut open and do not make your fingers sticky.

# 2 smoothies

For us, bananas belong in almost every smoothie! Whether in the classic green smoothie, with mixed berries and oat milk or in the unusual version of our apple-pear-marzipan smoothie: Bananas are simply the perfect basis for giving the smoothie the right amount of creaminess.

If you can no longer see the classic fruit smoothies, why not try a beetroot smoothie (healthy and really tasty) or our favorite summer smoothie with green herbs. You will be amazed at this explosion of flavors in your mouth!

# 3 muffins with bananas

We like to hide a few bananas in our muffins.

For example in our muesli muffins (perfect for hikes!) Or in the delicious chocolate-banana-coffee-peanut muffins. A banana can hardly get any tastier 🙂

# 4 porridge

Porridge, or “porridge” (nasty tongues also call it gruel), has been our standard breakfast for years. In addition to flax seeds, nuts, nut butter and other crispy toppings, we always use fruit in our porridge. For example bananas.

You can find a recipe for a zucchini chocolate porridge with bananas here on beVegt - but of course bananas also fit into almost every other porridge recipe and usually makes your porridge a little creamier!

# 5 fruit salad

There is at least one banana in every fruit salad. At least that's what the Fruit Salad Act (passed by both of us) wants 😉

Bananas not only provide an extra portion of natural sweetness in a fruit salad - the creamy and, depending on the degree of ripeness, slightly mushy texture of the banana provides apples, pears and grapes as well as more variety in the mouth.

# 6 Carrot and Banana Soup

Bananas in soups? That is also possible! We found a recipe for a carrot and banana soup on the mohrblog. I've tried a few things with bananas, but not a soup yet. But the recipe reads delicious and easy, that's how I like it!

# 7 Banana power shake

Especially after a long hard run (or any other exercise) your body cries out for energy. I prefer something liquid that my stomach can handle best.

In addition to smoothies, as I already described in my post about the most important meals of the runner, our banana power shake is also ideal for refueling. Simply put a ripe banana, plant milk, cocoa powder, two dates and a tablespoon of peanut butter in the blender, mix - done!

# 8 banana jam

For those who really like to eat bananas and have at least two ripe ones at home, we recommend our banana puree, which can be prepared in no time.

Banana puree used to be our porridge, in other words: we ate it almost every day. And we both ran our best marathon times with banana jam for breakfast!

# 9 banana bread

Americans celebrate Banana Bread Day annually on February 23rd - but we see no reason not to enjoy banana bread on the other 364 days of the year. I can recommend the recipe for American banana bread from Vegan Corner. The recipe really suits every occasion: whether for a second breakfast in the office, as a snack on hikes or bike tours or as a quick snack after a long run.

Even if the blog has not been maintained for a long time - I still visit it regularly for the banana bread recipe.

# 10 peanut butter jelly banana sandwich

A quick and at the same time very tasty and protein-rich post-run snack for me is a slice of bread of choice, coated with peanut butter, jam (up to this point the classic peanut butter-jelly sandwich) - but then topped with banana slices.

I know some ultramrathon runners who get through their ultra-long training runs or competitions with them!

# 11 Chocolate mousse

For the simplest mousse au chocolat, we have not yet published a separate article here on beVegt. However, the preparation is so simple that you don't actually need any instructions:

Depending on the size, take 2-3 ripe bananas, a ripe avocado, 2-3 tablespoons of cocoa powder and, if you like it hot, a pinch of chili powder. Mix everything together, fill in dessert bowls, chill, serve, enjoy! A sauce made from pureed berries is an excellent topping.

# 12 BanoffeeCoffee cake

A little more elaborate, but certainly worth the effort: the BanoffeeCoffee cake from Dailyvegan. Who can resist combining caramel, bananas, chocolate and coffee? At least I don't!

The photos look excellent, and with 8-10 bananas you have used up a large supply of ripe bananas!

# 13 Bananas as an egg substitute in the cake

“Can you make a cake without eggs?” Yes, he does.

A ripe banana replaces the egg in the cake for binding. Bananas are probably a great way to provide the necessary bonding in vegan cakes and muffins. What an egg can do is easy for a banana!

The vegan baking paper from PETA, which you can download here, shows you even more tips and ideas on how to bake without eggs.

# 14 Banana dream cake

At Claudia from Totally Veg! I found a banana dream cake! So if you like to bake cakes you should try them, because Claudia's recipes are all very tasty.

# 15 Grill bananas

For all grill fans: grill bananas are a quick and tasty dessert. To do this, wrap the ripe bananas (with the skin) in aluminum foil, and after the vegetable skewers and tofu sausages have been consumed, place them on the grill for about 10 minutes. Carefully (attention, hot!) Remove the aluminum foil from the banana and spoon it out of the skin. If you like, sprinkle the banana with chocolate sauce, quickly mixed with agave syrup and cocoa powder or with a few small pieces of chocolate that immediately melt into a sauce. Heavenly delicious!

# 16 banana peel pancakes

Yes, you've read that correctly. Until recently, I wasn't aware that even banana peels are edible (provided the bananas are organically grown).

Daniel Anthes presents a recipe for zero waste pancakes with banana peel on his YouTube channel. And they sound very tasty and should definitely be a topic of conversation at brunch!

That was our 16 banana ideas. How about you - what are your favorite recipes in which bananas play the main role? Let us know in a comment. And if you need even more inspiration, take a look at part 2 of our "Recycle Bananas" article!

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