Would you be friends with Dudley Dursley

Dudley and Harry hadn't been in contact since the Dursley moved out of 4 Privet Drive. Years later, when Dudley finished school, married the perfectly average Camilla, and was looking for a house, he remembered his childhood home. The Dursleys had received a single, short letter from Harry after Lord Voldemort had been defeated, in which he had once again thanked him and declared that they were now out of danger and that he always said goodbye to what he said 'probably'.
When Dudley was 21 he moved back to number 4 Privet Drive. Camilla had no idea about Dudley's cousin and it should stay that way. At 23, Camilla became pregnant, and at 24, Dudley and Camilla became parents. On May 20th, 2005, Dudley and Camilla had a daughter; she was tall, thin, rosy skin and blond hair. Camilla insisted on taking the girl Lilli, but for a reason Camilla couldn't really explain, Petunia and Vernon resisted the suggestion so much that she named her Rosalie instead. Rosalie Dursely.

At the age of 10, Rosalie Dursley was the prettiest girl in school, she had golden blonde hair, was very tall and had bright blue eyes and a charm that few girls had, she was friendly and loving, smart and bright. Dudley was proud of his Rosalie, she was popular and had nice friends. All around - she was the dream child and every mother with a son could only wish for such a daughter-in-law.
On May 20 It was her birthday and she wished nothing more than to go to the zoo. Dudley wasn't very happy as he attended his own unhappy zoo visit on his 11th birthday 25 years ago. He didn't say though that he had no reason to call Camilla and Rosalie and so the three of them went to the zoo. Dudley and Camilla planned to announce to their darling that day that she would go to the best girls boarding school in London, but the day went differently than planned.

After they returned from the zoo, luckily this visit was uneventful in contrast to the one 25 years ago, Vernon got the mail in to find a letter from the boarding school and show it to Rosalie. He returned to the kitchen with the pile of letters, groaning, sank down on a chair and looked at the letters through "Advertisement, advertisement, bill." he growled "Bill, advertisement, bill ..."
Then there were two letters left, two thick letters. The first was addressed to 'Rosalie Dursley ". Dudley grinned," Rosalie, dear ... look what I have here! "
Rosalie clapped her hands over her mouth when she saw the pink envelope with the white rose tendrils "Oh my god!" she shouted smiling "Thank you ... Thank you, thank you!" Carefully she opened the envelope and read the letter with a broad smile, then put it aside "Thanks ..." Then she looked at Dudley and cocked her head "What kind of letter is that in your hand?"
Dudley thought about what she was talking about for a moment, then remembered "I don't know." he confessed and looked at the letter.
His eyes widened, "It can't be." he said. "No no."
He had seen the letter enough times to recognize it. He had seen it in Harry's hands, in his father's hands, among the milk, shooting out of the fireplace, in the air and finally in the hand of a giant.
As nimble as Rosalie was, she plucked the letter from her father's hand, "It's for me." she beamed, then frowned. "From ... Hogwarts? What's that name." Then she hastily ripped open the envelope. Dudley swallowed and started to object, but he couldn't move.
As she read, Rosalie's expression changed from amazement to confusion, from confusion to amusement, from amusement to disbelief. She read the letter several times then saw Dudley, "Read it, Dad." she said slowly.
He shook his head "I already have." he growled and bowed his head. Camilla snatched the letter from Rosalie's hand and scanned it, she laughed with a cackle "What a good joke! Did you initiate that Dudley?" Dudley shook his head "This is not a joke." Camilla continued to cackle "Good joke ..." But Rosalie looked at Dudley "What do you mean, 'This is not a joke.' and 'I already have.'? " she asked slowly.
"My cousin ... He used to live with us because he was an orphan. He received the same letter."
Rosalie stared at him, "I ... I'm a witch ?!" Dudley nodded and Camilla looked at Dudley hysterically "Your cousin was a wizard?" Dudley nodded in shame. "Just like my aunt ..."
Camilla frowned "Magda is a witch?" Dudley shook his head "Petunia had a sister too ..." "And you're just telling me that now?" Camilla snapped at him. Dudley nodded "I knew you wouldn't accept it." and bowed her head in shame.
Rosalie, however, was still stunned at her letter.
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