Instagram has a regram share function

Instagram lets users reshare other people's pictures - with restrictions

Instagram is fulfilling a long-cherished wish of its users. It will soon be possible to share other users' pictures. The “Regram” function comes with one restriction: Posts from others can only be added to your own story and not as a classic “repost” in your own picture feed. The "Regram" function is currently being tested with a few selected users. The first screenshots of the function appear on Twitter, for example - it is still unclear when the function will be generally available.

New Instagram Feature - share feed posts to stories @ MattNavarra @ / keVl4lm9uB

- Zachary Shakked (@zacharyshakked) February 7, 2018

The new function is visible directly under the pictures as "Add Post to your Story". Users can then add text, drawings, or stickers to the shared image as usual. Instagram is reacting to a trend that is extremely popular on the platform. The upcoming Regram feature will only affect public accounts. Users can prevent resharing of their images in the settings.

Social media tools fill the void

In the past few months there have been rumors about a repost function on Instagram. Currently, pictures of other users can only be officially shared with other users as private messages. The only way to publicly share a picture is to take a screenshot - a practice that's already well established on Instagram. Some social media tools like Hootsuite also fill the gap with a corresponding function.

Instagram should remain “authentic”

There are several reasons why Instagram, in contrast to Twitter or Facebook, is blocking a classic sharing function. In an interview with Wired, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom stated that it is important to him that the users of the platform remain authentic. It's not about collecting content that other users might like. The company is likely to use it to avoid troll accounts.

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