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Zsnake can have a million reasons, but I don't care what the sense of Romero's films is, because they don't appeal to me anyway, because I think they are so bad. If the film was very good then I would think about the point. I don't know how you feel about it, but have you made any sense out of all the movies you've ever watched? I mean the cheapest of the cheapest films? It's just not worth the effort. It's just like telling you guys check out Telletubbies and I'll end up showing you the point (I couldn't think of a better example).

And once again to understand, I don't mean badly, but I really don't understand why nobody understands: I don't think films poop because of their age. I recently listed which films I found so awesome from back then. From TODAY's point of view, the ZOMBIE films from that time are bad, right. Why? Because I grew up with "better ones" - Dawn of the dead, 28 Weeks Later, 28 Days Later, Rec.

Did you check out the sports car example below? Don't feel like looking for it, but feel free to read it again so you can understand what I mean.

And where did I say that I would deny its meaning and meaning? I never mentioned it. I just think the argument is stupid: At a very difficult time for blacks, director Romero hired a black man to play the leading role - MAN THE FILM IS COOL !!! One has nothing to do with the other. In all honesty, it's nonsense to say something like that.

Harper Island (series) was filmed until the last episode, when still nobody knew who the killer on the island is. It wasn't until the last scene was filmed that it came out. Until then, all actors were clueless. And? The show was still shit, even though the idea behind it was a good one.

Oh, I can choose between artistically valuable and artificial. distinguish less valuable works. I also wrote that I can understand why people love the classics from back then so much. Because it was like a new wave with the zombies. If a film were to come out now in which you put on glasses and you are really in the film (so I'm not talking about 3D xD here), then it doesn't matter what kind or genre the film is. People will go to the cinema a million times and the film will automatically be labeled as a "classic".

(Have now taken a technical example because I couldn't think of a new genre or a new unusual plot).

The same thing happened to Avatar. Had mentioned it in my previous comments too.

Because you could watch the film in 3D, people wanted to go in there. I don't know if it was the first 3D movie, but it was the first big 3D movie !!

People who NEVER watched movies went in because of it and said afterwards that it was the best movie they'd ever seen. To put it exaggeratedly, I'll say that you have only watched 5 films in your life. What is the likelihood that Avatar will make it to the best movie of all time? And there were many in my area. Personally, I thought it was shit too - but the message (!) Was great! The message was admittedly clear and clear.

So, back to the people who only watched 5 films. The media lured them into the cinema, the people thought the film was cool and continued to tell, whereupon even more 5-film viewers ran into the cinema just to put on those fucking 3D glasses and watch the film.

Do you understand what i mean?

If today's Dawn of the Dead had made it to the cinema back then, and the one from that time today (of course, the quality has been adapted to the time - I'm only talking about the implementation and the plot), then the Snyder DOTD would be a classic and people wouldn't make any sense of it See Romero's DOTD.

I hope I write everything so that it is understandable. Got the feeling you still don't know what exactly I want to say.

If you argue like you do that you watch films not just for entertainment, then you should also take a closer look at the films and be able to differentiate between artistically valuable and artistically less valuable works.

Good preparation is 90% victory!