How is this summation evaluation done?

15. Carry out dispersion calculation

A four times higher statistical quality level (qs = 0) has been defined for a fine dispersion calculation. The terrain is also taken into account. In contrast to the rough one, the fine dispersion calculation provides a more precise result. The calculation takes longer, usually around 20 to 30 hours. You must also bear in mind that a maximum of three fine dispersion calculations can be carried out on the server at the same time. In exceptional cases, you may have to wait until your invoice is processed.

A detailed dispersion calculation should always be carried out if no “expert” dispersion calculation is required, such as in the case of smaller projects, in the case of building permit procedures or in the context of the FFH preliminary assessment, or if the responsible nature conservation authority refrains from an “expert” dispersion calculation.

A detailed dispersion calculation is a prerequisite for a subsequent nitrogen test and transfer of the results into the protocol of an FFH compatibility test in the FIS. In this way, the expected impact of a plan / project through nitrogen inputs can be documented in a comprehensible manner for the responsible nature conservation authority. Therefore, a detailed dispersion calculation in connection with an FFH-VP is also useful if this does not show any adverse effects on habitat types as a result.