How hard is the video game Cuphead


Game description:
With the Dark Souls series, among other things, a trend of incredibly demanding games began in recent years, which happily sacrifices their accessibility to the high level of difficulty. Cuphead is also part of it, but does not stand out due to its extreme complexity, but above all due to the incredibly detailed graphics. This is namely in the style of old cartoons and animated films and was animated by hand by the two game developers.
The story is easy to explain: Cuphead, the protagonist of the game, has lost his soul to the devil in the casino. To get this back, he must defeat various villains. In addition, the title hero hops and shoots his way through different levels with varied and tricky end bosses in a classic 2D view. With collected coins, further skills can also be unlocked. Cuphead can also be played in pairs - but only in front of the same console. This unlocks the second character Mughead, which, not least due to the ability to revive the partner, simplifies the course of the game extremely. The hopping and shooting passages are broken up by flight levels, which, however, follow the same principle - just flying instead of jumping.

Pedagogical assessment:
Even as a couple Cuphead a lot from the gamblers. Almost every boss fight has to be started several times, just to see through and avoid the attack patterns of the opponents. This not only requires concentration and practiced hand-eye coordination, but also a high degree of frustration tolerance. Because the levels are really difficult even for genre veterans. Younger and inexperienced players will definitely find themselves overwhelmed and frustrated by it. In addition, there is the retro drawing style, which definitely has its charm, but sometimes transitions into the grotesque. The game is never explicitly creepy, but the unfamiliar graphic style can possibly frighten younger players. There is also no German translation, so Cuphead must be played in English. However, the basic game principle is very easy to learn, which means that you do not have to speak a lot of English, at least here.

Although there are neither particularly explicit game scenes nor other inappropriate content for children and young people, it is directedCuphead to players aged 12 and over. This is due to the extremely high level of difficulty, which can frustrate and overwhelm especially young people. The graphic style has its charm, but it also seems so grotesque that very young players could possibly be frightened. Genre veterans from the age of 12, on the other hand, are happy about the detailed and beautifully looking challenge around the title hero Cuphead.

This test is an initial assessment. The title has not yet been tested by a group of game testers.