What went wrong with Reddit after the acquisition

When it comes to diversity, age is hardly considered in Germany. Older people are written off slightly, especially in middle management. With supervisory board member Simone Menne and coach Antje Gardyan.

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Companies spend a lot of money to become more diverse. But studies show that most of the measures are useless. What helps to make the workforce more colorful?

CEO succession
What do you think? Do companies benefit more from CEOs with a lot of experience at the top or from candidates who are doing the top job for the first time? A recent study shows that newbies often make their experienced colleagues look quite old.

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We found a job when we were 50+ - in times of Corona. And how did that work? Just like that!

Young fathers 50+
Young fathers: 50+ Invisible to business and society

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Make dreams come true, now! - Three vital questions for all ages

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