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Navigation and service

Our own research and development of high quality and continuity is a prerequisite for our scientific and technical performance. Research and development is the basis for our scientific-technical, sovereign and public services as well as for knowledge and technology transfer. Basic research and applied research are included, as is the development of new products and processes.

BAM's R&D services (for EU, federal, state, DFG, private sector, foundations, associations, etc.) include:

  • Application research
  • Contract research
  • Research collaborations

Interdisciplinary knowledge and own research

As a departmental research institution with professional competence and many years of experience, we conduct research in the top and key technologies of materials science, materials technology and chemistry on the technical safety of products, processes and people's living and working world.

Our international research and development activities can be assigned to different levels in a simple production model: The beginning of new questions is a strong and open-ended basic research, as our work at the highest level is not possible without a solid knowledge base. This is followed by applied research, which is aimed at a specific result. It is often driven by third-party funding and generates additional revenue from third-party funds in addition to publications. The next stage is that of technology development. It builds on existing knowledge and is clearly geared towards the development of new products and processes.

BAM's research activities are divided into five subject areas:

Analytical Sciences

Innovation projects and technology development

In particular, we support technology transfer projects with small and medium-sized companies. The aim is to promote challenging innovation projects in order to allow research and development results with high economic application potential to flow into innovative products, processes and services (e.g. tests, approvals or conformity assessments) that are prepared in line with the market in a timely manner in cooperation with companies.