What is a standard remote surveillance drone

Amazon brings surveillance drones - for your own home

With its subsidiary Ring, Amazon has been offering home security products to users for some time. The Group's security cameras are now able to fly: With the Always Home Cam, Amazon is introducing an autonomous drone that can monitor the entire apartment. It is therefore possible for users to take a look at all rooms at any time. After a tour, the unmanned aerial vehicle flies back to its charging station, reports "The Verge".

Flies autonomously

According to Ring founder Jamie Siminoff, the drone should enable users to see multiple perspectives in a room without having to set up multiple cameras. The product will cost around $ 250 and will be released in the coming year. The device can fly completely autonomously - however, users can specify which routes it should fly.

To do this, you can create a map of your apartment and name it so that you can later give the order to fly into a certain room.

The drone reacts to direct inputs, but can also be used as an alarm system if atypical movements are detected. It is only filmed when the drone is flying - according to the manufacturer, this is clearly visible to users as they can hear the noises in flight. The company cites quick checks as intended use, for example whether a window has accidentally left open or a door has not been closed. The device can avoid obstacles and is not dangerous due to the wrapped propellers, if it comes into contact with a pet.

Again and again in criticism

Amazon's daughter was repeatedly criticized in the past - especially because of privacy problems. The recordings of the smart security cameras are also made available to authorities, provided the community surveillance system "Neighborhoods" is used. Even users who do not want to contribute or who do not even buy a ring system can hardly avoid it, because they can still be seen on recordings of neighbors, for example - this has led to massive criticism from data protectionists in the past. (red, 25.9.2020)