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Book recommendation: “I love my job! At least that's what I thought ... “- a motivational novel by Alexandra Götze

There are books about incompetent bosses and mean colleagues. There are guides on the subject of “quitting properly” or “finally finding your dream job”. How about a book about trying to get back to your job? (A guest article by Alexandra Götze)

Alexandra Gotze

Beatrice Engel is close to the inner resignation. She thought she liked her job but lately the euphoria doesn't want to set in anymore. Bea works in a company that promotes a lot and demands more and more. Budget is reduced, pressure increased, positions are not filled and the decisions of the superiors are less and less understandable.
Bea, she wonders every day what she's supposed to do in her company. She follows the advice of a life coach and decides to keep a job diary for a day to record the events of her work day. Is that enough to make you like your own job again? Bea is skeptical ...

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I love my job! I thought anyway ...

Motivating novel by Alexandra Götze

Beatrice Engel works as a personnel manager in a global insurance group that promotes a lot and demands more and more ...

Beatrice has been working for the group for eighteen years; Her job has now become a hamster wheel for her, her bosses are amateur cocks, her career is stalling. Does it help her if she starts a job diary? Beatrice writes. About canteen gossip, fruitless meetings, unpopular colleagues and superiors who have nothing but their parking space in view. She realizes what her own role is and where her path leads. This book is an entertaining statement of accounts with entrenched opinions - and at the same time a great motivation for everyone who no longer feels comfortable in their job! “A must for everyone who stumbles through their professional life!” (Readers) (63 reviews / 4.9 stars) (184 pages) (BOD) - buy cheap for Kindle or for Tolino!

I got the idea for the book based on three considerations:
1) Because I no longer wanted to see and read the ongoing discussions about leadership errors and disastrous bosses and wondered what this one-sided focus on boss ineptitudes does with employees' expectations?
2) Did I ask myself what changes it would have needed (from me as an employee) to make my work life less stressful and maybe also make my job more meaningful?
3) "Love it, Change it, Leave it." How often have I heard this saying about change. However, if love is not possible - and leave is not an option: how and, above all, what should the employee change?

I give initial answers to these questions in the book. Maybe there are a few that are right for you? Have fun reading “I love my job! At least I thought ... “!

Alexandra Götze2017-02-10