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If a job has been in demand for years, it is probably that of a computer scientist. Computer science is considered to be THE field of the future. The prospects are already pretty bright. But for young professionals the first question that arises is which IT profession they would actually like to take up. The selection is huge, entry is not only possible through a degree. Computer science professions: An overview of possibilities, opportunities and salaries.

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Computer scientist activities

Computer scientists work in information technology, or IT for short. The tasks of a computer scientist include developing or researching programs, software and system solutions. According to a Staufenbiel study, 88 percent of employers primarily want IT applicants to have good knowledge of database applications. 84 percent expect in-depth understanding of spreadsheets (e.g. Excel), 73 percent in the area of ​​presentations (e.g. Powerpoint). Competency in word processing requires 71 percent, 50 percent knowledge of CAD / CAM programs is important. The experienced use of graphics and DTP programs is relevant for a fifth of the HR professionals surveyed.

The most popular programming language is called Java. 89 percent would like IT applicants to have Java skills. This is followed by C / C ++ / C # (81 percent), SQL (64 percent), HTML and Java Script (63 percent each). When talking or writing about future professions, the term data scientist almost always comes up. What specific skills do data scientists need to secure a job? Answer: Above all, you need to be proficient in the Python programming language. This is what Glassdoor claims to have filtered out of its data. According to this, 72 percent of all job offers for data scientists in the USA identify Python as a desired qualification. These are the others:

  • R.
  • SQL
  • Hadoop
  • Java
  • SAS
  • Spark
  • Matlab
  • Hive
  • Tableau

The list of LinkedIn's Top Skills shows how in demand computer scientists are. This refers to the skills that push employment opportunities the most - regardless of whether someone studied computer science or Tibetology. Knowledge of the cloud and distributed computing - according to Linkedin, this is the number one skill on the German job market. A computer scientist domain. Even those who have the following skills should sooner or later land a job:

  • Cloud and Distributed Computing
  • Statistical Analysis and Data Mining
  • SEO / SEM Marketing
  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Data engineering and data warehousing
  • Database management and software
  • Software QA and User Testing
  • Retail Store Operations
  • Electronic and Electrical Engineering
  • Channel Marketing

Job vacancies computer scientist

Computer scientist studies

Computer science is as multifaceted as a brightly decorated Christmas tree, and the list of IT professions is long. The ideal solution is to study computer science. The range of courses also continues to diversify. Budding IT specialists can now choose from business informatics, media or medical informatics, and subjects in the field of IT security are also on the rise. Studying makes sense and is likely to become even more important in the future. However, it is not a prerequisite for gaining a foothold in the IT industry.

According to the Federal Employment Agency, 44 percent of IT professionals in Germany have an academic degree and 40 percent have a recognized professional qualification. IT clerks or IT specialists are examples of apprenticeships. Seven percent of computer scientists are even without training. In view of the growing demand, career changers are not without a chance. These professions are available for computer scientists - a selection:

  • Network administrator
  • System administrator
  • IT Specialist
  • IT clerk
  • IT system merchant
  • Software developer
  • Software architect
  • SAP consultant
  • Database developer
  • Hardware developer
  • Mobile developer
  • Web designer
  • game designer
  • Security expert
  • Application developer
  • programmer
  • Data scientist

Academics earn more, are less likely to be unemployed, have better future prospects, this also applies to computer scientists. To do this, however, they first have to decide on a subject. The selection is bigger than ever and no longer limited to general IT. Here is an overview of the most important computer science courses:

  • (General) computer science
  • Bioinformatics
  • Geospatial
  • Media informatics
  • business Informatics
  • Technical computer Science
  • Medical informatics
  • Games engineering
  • Engineering informatics
  • Aerospace informatics
  • Mechanical engineering informatics
  • Scientific computer science

Typical contents of the subjects are:

  • Algorithmics
  • Operating systems
  • Business administration
  • Databases
  • mathematics
  • Communication technology
  • programming
  • Computer architecture
  • Software engineering

Computer scientist salary

According to an evaluation by Compensation Partner and Computerwoche, IT security experts in particular are among the winners among computer scientists. Their average annual salary has increased from 71,100 euros to 74,600 euros over the past few years. Project managers earn an average of 72,500 euros, SAP consultants 72,100 euros, (general) IT consultants 68,400 euros. SAP developers come to 65,000 euros, software developers in the backend to 58,300 euros and experts for user experience to 54,600 euros. Mobile developers who program apps, for example, earn an average of 56,300 euros a year.

Network and system administrators, on the other hand, easily fall away, achieve 47,600 euros a year. At the very bottom, the employees in user support end up with 42,300 euros and web designers with 37,400 euros. According to the study, the issue of outsourcing also plays a role here.

On the one hand, this shows: the better qualified, the higher the income prospects for computer scientists. On the other hand, it must be stated that the demand has continued unabated for years and that the salary increases with further training and increasing professional experience:

Double the annual salary can easily be between the starting salary of a computer scientist and a senior professional. In addition, as with any job, the following factors have an impact: Industry, company size, region.

Employer: Who is looking for IT specialists?

There is no branch of the economy that does not depend on IT specialists. In this respect, you have a free choice in various industries. Ultimately, all companies that use computers and specific programs are dependent on computer scientists. This means that they are not only found in companies that themselves offer IT services, but also, for example, in the IT departments of the public service, insurance companies or industry.

Depending on the university degree, there is the possibility of To pursue a career in science or industry. Universities often require a doctorate in addition to the master’s degree. There is also the opportunity to become self-employed as a freelancer (for example as a programmer).

Computer scientist jobs: career opportunities + prospects

According to the MINT recruiting platform “Get in IT”, there were 86,000 open vacancies at the end of last year - although this is significantly fewer vacancies than in the previous year (124,000), but despite the corona pandemic, 4,000 vacancies more than two years earlier . The vacancy time has also been rising continuously for years, a clear indication of great demand or a shortage of skilled workers. Specifically, positions for IT specialists are vacant for 182 days on average, so the job opportunities are still good.

Employment opportunities for computer scientists can be found above all in the big cities, across all industries. And another plus: IT specialists can look forward to a permanent employment contract more often than others. However, the requirements for this are also high: In hardly any other industry is it as important as in the IT industry to continue to educate yourself. Knowledge in this area is constantly growing, research in the IT industry is of great importance for economic growth as a whole.

Application computer scientist: tips + templates

Even if you belong to a popular species with your training: You shouldn't be sloppy when applying. That means: Look carefully what is required of you in the job description and to what extent you can prove this with your studies or your previous professional experience.

In a tech-savvy industry like IT, it can happen that a company does not attach great importance to a cover letter. Especially when applying via an online portal, you may only be able to upload your resume and certificates in predetermined places and a small field with a limited number of characters gives you the opportunity to briefly explain your own motivation.

Attention: You should definitely take advantage of this possibility! Even if it is only optional, an empty field could give the impression that you are too sure of victory and that you do not particularly value the employer. In addition, this field gives you the opportunity to include important key terms from the job advertisement - if you fail to do so, this can be an exclusion criterion. Whether for the cover letter (which you should start from, unless otherwise requested) or for the job interview: simply listing your skills and competencies is not enough. Prove the desired requirements with examples from your profession, for example as follows:

My previous medical degree made it easy for me to empathize with the technical requirements of information technology in the medical sector.

Free templates with sample text

Benefit from our free templates to the application letter. You can download these individually as a Word file by clicking on "Cover letter", "Cover sheet" or "CV" - or as a complete application set by clicking on the preview image. You will then receive all three Word templates combined in one zip file.

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