What is a student exchange

What is a student exchange?

You may be wondering whether your family in Germany will have to accept a student from your host country in return for your student exchange. As the name suggests - exchange actually means: one person goes - the other comes. However, the "swap" is by no means always handled in exactly the same way. It all depends on who is organizing the exchange. Especially in the case of longer stays abroad or those that are approached through an organization, it can also be that you go abroad, but nobody comes to you because of it. The terms “student exchange” or “exchange year” are often a little misunderstood and basically imprecise.

One way back, one back?

So it would of course be practical: Exactly when you are with the host family, they come Offspring to your family. On the other hand, that would have the major disadvantage that you cannot get to know each other. So much better if first you visit the host family, get to know their family members and then the person you visited visits you later - or vice versa, of course.

However, this presupposes that both parents are willing to accommodate a student for several weeks or even months and that they are too have enough space available.

A student exchange is and will remain one for everyone involved enrichment, but it must also be clarified where the guest lives and who can look after him. Inviting someone and then feeling them as a burden or having no time for them is ultimately not the point of a student exchange.

You should be on one Participate in “one-way” exchanges and still have the desire to have someone as a guest at some point, you can rely on yours school or to one special organization turn around - that is not an "exchange" in the classic sense, but it comes down to the same thing more or less.

Student exchange as part of a year abroad

During the student exchange, as it is popular with many students today as part of a year abroad, do not exchange two students from two different countries school and host family among each other. A student exchange within the scope of a year abroad rather means the coherent longer stay of students or a student in another country, without necessarily a return visit takes place. You can book this type of student exchange through special organizations or you can possibly do it on your own.

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Student exchange as part of a school partnership

A real exchange still occasionally takes place today in the context of School partnerships instead of: Several students travel during the school holidays or whole class groups with their teachers for one or more weeks Partner school - for example to France or England - and live with the families of the students in their host school. In return, the students from the foreign partner school visit their guests in Germany, around the following year, and share school and family with them.

You see: A student exchange as part of a year abroad and an exchange as part of a school partnership basically don't have much in common. The latter has more of the character of a school trip.
Goal of a student exchange is to other people, other countries and theirs Get to know lifestyle habits and to get involved with foreign cultures. How this exchange takes place and with what kind of “student change” it is lived play a rather secondary role.

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