Did probiotics help someone with peanut allergy

Researcher is convinced: "Peanut allergy can be cured"

Sydney - Australian researchers have announced a breakthrough in the treatment of peanut allergies. The study is "the strongest evidence that a peanut allergy can be curable," said Mimi Tang of the Murdoch Children's Research Institute in Melbourne.

Together with her colleagues, she gave children with peanut allergies a combination of two grams of peanut protein and probiotic bacteria. At the end of the eighteen-month therapy in 2013, 82 percent of the children treated were able to consume peanuts without allergic reactions. Four years later, 80 percent still eat peanuts regularly. 70 percent even passed a stress test in which they had to ingest larger amounts of the food.

The results suggest that the treatment is still effective in the long term, says Tang. 56 children took part in the study, which was published on Wednesday in the journal "The Lancet". Half of the children received a placebo, the other half the treatment that made the immune system tolerate peanuts.

Dangerous Allergen

"The significance of our finding is that these children could eat peanuts like children who do not have a peanut allergy and still maintain their tolerance," says Tang. In her opinion, the result of the study could also be important for the treatment of other allergies : "This is a big step towards addressing the problem of food allergies in Western societies."

Peanuts are considered to be one of the biggest risk factors for allergic shocks, which in the worst case can be fatal. Every 20th child suffers from a food allergy. Two in 100 adults are also affected by allergies to seafood, cow's milk, eggs or peanuts. The Australian scientists now want to continue their investigations - with a larger number of study participants. (APA, AFP, red, August 17, 2017)