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The Achertalbahn - ride in the historic steam train

© Hippchen, Schindler - Historic steam ride on the Achertalbahn

Ride with the Achertalbahn: Rides in a real steam locomotive are especially exciting for children. Here you can sit in a historic touring car and hear the old locomotive chugging through the landscape, steaming and snorting. A special experience that is possible several times a year on the Achern-Ottenhöfen route. [from kindergarten age]

The 10.4 kilometers long branch line to Ottenhöfen, which branches off the Rhine Valley Railway in Achern, was opened in 1898 by the Vering @ Waechter railway company. Today it is operated by SWEG (Südwestdeutsche Verkehrs- Aktiengesellschaft) with modern regional shuttles. Usually. But sometimes the journey goes back in time and with one historic steam locomotive.

The first museum steam trips in the Achertal were carried out by the German Society for Railway History e.V. (DGEG) in 1968 and this tradition lives on to this day.

So even in times of supersonic speeds, travel enthusiasts can take a leisurely Tucker ride in a historic train. The Achertal Railway Association makes this possible together with the SWEG and organizes several times a year historical steam train rides through the beautiful Achertal.

In the 2011 season, too, families can travel back in time at full steam on certain dates. Parents and children drive in historical passenger coachpulled by a steam locomotive built in Berlin in 1900.

In Achern the families get in, and the route continues via Oberachern to the wine-growing community Kappelrodeck. The route leads through a beautiful landscape with many orchards. From Furschenbach the steam train chugs along the rushing Acher. Then it becomes quite exhausting for the old steam horse. You pass historical mills for which the region is known. The end of the line for parents and children is then in Ottenhöfen.

The trip takes half an hour and can be booked as a one-way trip or a return trip. There are also opportunities to get off in Achern Stadt, in Oberachern, Kappelrodeck, Furschenbach, the intermediate stops on the historic journey.

The exact timetable and dates can also be downloaded directly from the Achertalbahn website.