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Inexpensive overnight stays
Overnight stay for the price-conscious guest

Inexpensive overnight accommodation is a good way to save a lot of money a year for many business travelers. But even with inexpensive fitter rooms, you as a guest can have the right to cleanliness, hygiene and equipment.

Here you can find out what to look for when choosing a room so that you do not experience any nasty surprises.

What providers and guests should consider when staying cheaply

Where can I stay cheaply? In order to save the expense budget, a simple room is often used. A room for workers or a bed in a hostel, guest house or workers' dormitory are possible.

Often the next day is due to travel on, so that only one night is necessary.

Fitters, craftsmen on assembly and business travelers place less value on room furnishings for short stays in a hotel or guest house. What is more important is a low overnight rate.

Many offers such as a spa, pool or fitness center, which are standard in higher-category buildings, are not offered. In many cases, short-term guests do not use these luxurious facilities anyway.

If you check in late in the evening and leave early in the morning, there is seldom time for such amusements. Even if there is hardly any value placed on additional services, rooms in which you spend the night at low cost also offer basic comfort features.

Find inexpensive rooms for workers

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What to look for when staying in a cheap guest house

When offering your guests the chance to stay overnight cheaply, keep basic standards in mind.
Regardless of whether it is a cheap fitter's apartment in Bremen, a simple workers' dormitory in Berlin or a small guest house in Mainz: Absolute cleanliness and hygiene must be guaranteed with an overnight stay in inexpensive accommodation as well as in a posh hotel in Hamburg or in a comfortable holiday apartment in Munich.

If you offer accommodation for workers, you should exercise particular care on this point.

If you record deficits in terms of cleanliness, you will soon find them in your books. Uncleanliness and hygienic defects are not tolerated by the guests, even in the lower price segment.

Even if only one night was booked: The guest has the right to a cleaned room and sanitary facilities that meet all hygiene requirements. Stain-free bed linen, clean mattresses and washed towels are just as natural in a fitter's apartment as in hotels that are decorated with stars.

You can do without special luxury when furnishing the fitter's room. A bed and wardrobe as well as a seat and a table are part of the basic equipment.

When furnishing the fitter's room, on the other hand, you can do without special luxury. A comfortable bed and a sufficiently large wardrobe as well as a seat and a table are part of the basic equipment of a room that you offer to a fitter who does hard physical work during the day to spend the night.

A television is also welcome.

A stable internet connection, which you make available to guests via WLAN, is even more important. Even those who choose a cheap bed and breakfast will only be prepared to forego this service in exceptional cases. This is especially true for craftsmen or fitters who have to keep in contact with their clients and companies.

Your offer of an inexpensive overnight stay must not appear dubious

For many guests, the price per night is one of the most important criteria when choosing their accommodation. It is not always easy for you, as a provider of apartment for workers and other cheap accommodation options, to find the right price.

As an entrepreneur, the hotelier must also cover his costs and make a profit. Both too high and too low prices can mean that guests are absent and the success of your company is jeopardized.

To find out what a fair market price for an overnight stay looks like, consider various factors. One of the most important points here is the location.

In metropolitan areas and popular cities such as Bremen, Cologne or Stuttgart, the rates for an overnight stay in a hotel are higher than in less frequented areas in the countryside.

Supply and demand also determine the price of the cheapest overnight accommodation. By looking at the price lists of houses in a similar location with comparable facilities, you can get a first impression of what the price structure looks like for overnight stays in a certain region.

If you deviate from this in an extreme way, up or down, you have to put forward good reasons. These are, for example, services that promise fitters or tourists considerable advantages.

A guest who uses a guesthouse or other inexpensive overnight accommodation has the opportunity to compare different offers. He gets a good sense of which costs are reasonable and common when staying in pensions.

For most providers who only offer standard services in addition to accommodation, a price in the middle segment is recommended. Because if the overnight stay is too cheap, this can lead to undesirable effects.

If you offer the rooms too cheaply, not only craftsmen and fitters are wondering how such an inexpensive overnight stay is possible. The quality of your accommodation is not infrequently drawn from the low price. In the opinion of the potential guests, this cannot be particularly high.

If you offer a guest house at prices that are well below local rates, many believe that something is wrong with the offer.

If in doubt, the fitter, craftsman or tourist will refrain from booking an overnight stay in such a case. Rather, he decides on one of the guest houses or a fitter's accommodation, the pricing of which seems more plausible at first glance.

Of course, the travel time plays an important role in finding a reasonable price for an overnight stay. During trade fairs in Frankfurt am Main or Nuremberg, you can raise the tariffs due to the higher demand.

On other dates, when there is less demand, it may be advisable to use cheaper prices to encourage potential guests to book an overnight stay.

Even if your profit is lower during such times, the income will help cover ongoing costs that arise when your rooms are not occupied.

Generate more income with additional offers

Following the example of low-cost airlines, some hotel operators who want to offer their accommodation for inexpensive overnight stays are starting to generate income with expanded offers. According to this principle, the basic service, the overnight stay, is offered at an unbeatable low price.

Anyone who wants additional amenities, such as an Internet connection, laundry service or daily towel change, must pay for these additional services. In the past, breakfast was often included in the price of the overnight stay, but now it is added to the bill.

It is important with this type of pricing that you avoid a lack of transparency.

When booking, the guest must already know what the final price for the overnight stay will be if he wants to take advantage of the additional services offered.

If additional costs only become apparent on the day of departure, the guest will leave the house with the uneasy feeling that they have not been treated correctly. You won't win regular customers that way.

Regular customers are the best advertisement and help limit the cost of the overnight stay

When calculating your price for staying in a bed and breakfast, don't forget the cost of advertising. Even if, as with an entry on the Deutschland-Monteurzimmer.de online portal, these are within manageable limits. They have to be expected.

In order to offer your guests the possibility to stay overnight at a reasonable price without having to forego the necessary profit, regular guests are an important factor.

If you have acquired a large number of regular customers, you don’t have to worry about expensive advertising campaigns. The acquisition of guests who, based on their positive experiences, would book a room for an inexpensive overnight stay in your house at any time, is of great importance.

If a customer has stayed cheaply in your accommodation and was satisfied with what was on offer, you can expect them to come back.

If he is looking for an inexpensive overnight stay in a certain city or region again, the probability is high that he will book his room again in the house he knows. He will choose the pension that he knows will meet his needs and expectations with its offer.

More regular customers = less money for advertising

The greater the number of your regular customers, the less money you will have to spend on advertising. It is becoming increasingly easier to offer your customers an inexpensive overnight stay.

An effective way of retaining customers is to combine the overnight stay with service offers that are not commonplace. This can be clothes cleaning, a bread delivery service or free parking spaces in the city center.

Special conditions that make overnight stays even cheaper for regularly returning guests are also a good way of turning customers into regular guests. With strategies like this you will succeed in getting potential guests to always choose your guesthouse for an overnight stay.

Tips for finding an inexpensive place to stay

Especially in the centers of large cities such as Hamburg, Hanover, Berlin or Munich, it is not easy to find accommodation with a limited travel budget where you can spend the night at low cost.

The online portal Deutschland-Monteurzimmer.de offers you help in looking for a hostel where you can stay overnight on favorable terms. Here you will find pensions, the prices of which are suitable to satisfy even bargain hunters.

The internet has made it a lot easier to find ways to spend the night cheaply in an unfamiliar city. When looking for cheap places to stay, keep a few basic rules in mind that will make it possible to book a guesthouse that doesn't put too much of a strain on your budget.

If you request an overnight stay in an accommodation that scores with a popular city center location, the chance of an inexpensive overnight stay is rather slim. In the outskirts of the big cities, on the other hand, there are usually numerous houses available that allow this.

Here you will find cheap guest houses, which also offer the price-conscious guest the opportunity to spend an overnight stay cheaply. For shorter stays, guesthouses or a fitter's room are ideal for your overnight stay.

If a longer visit to a location is necessary, a fitter's apartment comes into question, in which a kitchen is available next to the room, like in a holiday apartment. So you save not only on the overnight stay, but also on the cost of meals.

But even if you use a guest house to stay overnight, you will find facilities in some houses, such as a tea kitchen with a microwave, with which you can prepare smaller dishes quickly and inexpensively.

Vending machines with hot and cold drinks are also part of the service offers in many hostels and guesthouses that enable you to stay overnight cheaply.

Save not only on accommodation, but also on food costs.

Before starting to look for a way to spend the night cheaply in a big city, clarify which comfort features you cannot do without.

If privacy and a private bathroom are not a priority, a hostel with a bed in a dormitory and shared showers across the hall can be a cheap way to stay.

If you do not have the necessary sleep in a shared room, you are more likely to look for other accommodation. If you want to stay overnight cheaply without sacrificing comfort features such as your own bathroom, you will also find offers in higher hotel categories at certain times.

If you want to stay cheaply, avoid peak travel times

The price for an overnight stay in an accommodation facility can be subject to strong fluctuations depending on the time of year and day of the week.

Especially at trade fairs, when all the rooms in the business hotels are fully booked and there are hardly any free beds available, the prices for accommodation for workers also rise. All other options for a cheap overnight stay are also quickly exhausted in such weddings.

If you as a tourist are not tied to specific days and weeks of the year, take a look at the events calendar of the city you want to visit when planning your trip. If special events such as trade fairs, city celebrations or festivals are listed there, you can expect the prices to be at a relatively high level.

During the school holidays and long weekends with bridging days, your chances of staying cheaply overnight are rather slim.

This rule applies not only to cities, but also to rural areas, where the rush of holidaymakers is concentrated for a few weeks a year.

If you have the opportunity to avoid the high season and start your trip on a different date, take advantage of this. Such forward planning will have a positive effect on your hotel bill.

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