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Skate Deluxe

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Skate Deluxe is a German company with headquarters in Schimberg. The range includes skateboards, longboards, snowboards, streetwear, shoes and accessories. The company, founded in 2004, is one of the leading online skateboard shops in Europe after more than 10 years, alongside Blue Tomato and Titus GmbH. In 2014 skatedeluxe recorded more than 10 million website visitors per month and had 250 brands with more than 10,000 articles.[1]

History of the company

Christoph Hartleib, founder of the company, started skatedeluxe by selling shoes in his Ebay shop in order to improve his student salary. In 2004 he opened the online shop at www.skatedeluxe.de.[2] In the beginning, all processes could still be contested in the student flat share in Jena,[3] The company's growth made it necessary to move to Schimberg in 2005, where from then on the family home served as the company's headquarters and the garage as a warehouse. In the same year, Katrin Hartleib, Christoph Hartleib's mother, got involved in day-to-day business life as a partner.[4] Both still run the company to this day. At the end of 2010, six years after it was founded, skatedeluxe already had 75 employees. In the same year, the 2000 m² warehouse in Eschwege was built[5] finished. This also includes the finance department. In times of higher order volume, not only the own employees of skatedeluxe work here, but also helpers with mental disabilities who are mediated through the cooperation of skatedeluxe with the non-profit workshops Eschwege (GWN).[6]

In 2011 the company received the BVH Young Business Award. The jury was won over by the “mixture of passion, creativity and continuous economic and personal growth”.[7]

Other corporate activities

Team rider

Skatedeluxe supports skateboarders, snowboarders and longboarders. In August 2014 the following riders belong to the skatedeluxe team:[8]

Skateboard team rider
  • Denny Pham
  • Christoph "Willow" Wildgrube
  • Ben Dillinger
  • Danny Sommerfeld
  • Florian Hachenberger
  • Thomas Graf
  • Christoph Radtke
  • Valentin Cafuk
Longboard team rider
  • Sebatian Hertler
  • Julian Fuchs
Snowboard team rider
  • Alex Tank
  • Benny Urban
  • Florian Achenrainer
  • Lukas Lengle
  • Tobias Hartmuth
  • Raffael Kossmann
  • Andreas Griesser

Probably the best known driver of the team is known to the skate scene under the name "Willow", Christoph Wildgrube. The man from Cologne is considered to be one of the best German street skaters and is one of the few German skaters who made the leap to the USA. Willow also represents well-known companies such as etnies and was able to secure recognition from skate legend Rodney Mullen in 2009, who saw him as a talent and whose company Almost Willow can also count among his sponsors.[9]


Both regional and national events and contests are supported by skatedeluxe.[2] In addition, there are regular tours of the skate team. Like the Sk8dlx China Tour from 2013, in which the skate team visited different spots across China[10], as well as the “Shred the City” tour from 2011, which led through cities in Germany and Austria.[11]

Blog & Wiki

In addition to the online shop, the website also includes a blog and a wiki. The wiki provides useful information for beginners and advanced skate, long and snowboarders. From the first steps through assembly to more complex tricks, all facets of the respective sport are covered. (see web links)

Web links

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