Are yogurt and curd cheese the same thing?

How healthy are yogurt, cottage cheese, and skyr?

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Mild or sour? The type of bacteria added determines the taste of yogurt.

The dairy products yogurt, quark and skyr - a traditional Icelandic dairy food - contain a lot of high quality protein, calcium and saturated fat. The composition of the nutrients is considered healthy. However, if you are overweight or have high cholesterol levels, you should only eat the products in moderation or switch to alternatives with less fat.

Be careful with finished products: Yoghurt, quark and skyr with industrially produced fruit preparations can contain artificial flavors and large amounts of sugar - on average, up to six sugar cubes per cup. Therefore, it is better to prepare the natural product with fresh fruit.

Production of yogurt, curd cheese and skyr

Different substances are added to milk to make yoghurt, quark and skyr:

  • At yogurt Lactic acid bacteria ferment the milk sugar. The type of bacteria determines the consistency and taste - mild or sour.
  • At Quark the milk is mixed with rennet, a clotting ferment from calf stomach. The enzymes chymosin and pepsin contained in the rennet cause the milk to curdle (coagulate). Cream is also added. This means that the fat content is higher than that of yoghurt: low-fat quark up to 10 percent, semi-fat quark up to 20 percent and cream quark up to 40 percent.
  • Skyr is acidified with bacteria like yoghurt and thickened with rennet like quark. Skyr tastes more sour than quark, the consistency is firmer and creamier than that of yoghurt. Some manufacturers point to the Icelandic origin of Skyr, but the product is mostly made in Germany.

Homemade natural yogurt

The special thing about this homemade yoghurt: It tastes much milder and less sour than yoghurt you buy. The preparation is very easy. more

Differences in protein content

Yoghurt, quark and skyr contain different amounts of protein (figures per 100 grams):

  • Yogurt: 4 to 10 grams
  • Skyr: 10 grams
  • Quark: 14 grams

Proteins play an important role in the body in these areas:

  • Formation of muscles and bones
  • Transport of fat and oxygen
  • Absorption of iron
  • Defense against pathogens
  • Repair of defective cells
  • Nail and hair health
  • Manufacture of connective tissue and cartilage

The individual protein requirement depends on body weight and can usually be covered by a balanced diet.

Dairy products are high in calcium

The German Nutrition Society recommends a daily intake of 1,000 milligrams of calcium for healthy adults. The nutrient is important for building bones, among other things. Dairy products contain a particularly large amount of calcium:

  • Quark: 90 milligrams per 100 grams
  • Yogurt: 130 milligrams per 100 grams
  • Skyr: 150 milligrams per 100 grams

Important: Do not eat calcium-rich foods all at once, but rather eat them throughout the day.

Fat content of dairy products

Saturated fat can increase the bad LDL cholesterol in the blood, which can promote the development of cardiovascular diseases, vascular calcification, dementia and diabetes. However, the nervous system needs saturated fat as a messenger substance.

This is how much fat dairy products contain per 100 grams:

  • Skyr: 0.2 to 0.5 percent
  • Skimmed milk yogurt: 0.5 percent
  • low-fat yogurt: 1.5-1.8 percent
  • Yoghurt: at least 3.5 percent
  • Cream yogurt: at least 10 percent
  • Lean curd cheese: less than 10 percent
  • Semi-fat quark: 20 percent
  • Cream curd: 40 percent
  • Double cream level: 65 to 85 percent

Foods with saturated fat are necessary in moderation for a balanced diet.

  • Normal weight can eat semi-fat quark without hesitation. From the point of view of nutritional science, cream quark with a fat content of 40 percent is not recommended for anyone.
productFat (%)Protein (g)Sugar (g)CaloriesSalt (g)Price / per 100 g
Low-fat yoghurt1,55,26,4620,180,10
Whole milk yogurt3,54,35,2720,150,11
Greek yogurt10,04,64,31260,080,20
lowfat quark0,3123,9660,100,14
Quark, 20% fat4,3113,7970,100,20
Quark, 40% fat9,89,33,51390,100,20
Skyr nature0,211,04,0620,080,20
Fruit skyr0,1-0,37,0-9,34,6-12,056-860,05-0,130,59-0,90

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