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Nassau (Bahamas)

Bahamas - Pearl of the Caribbean

The Bahamas are one of the most popular travel destinations for sun worshipers, bathing beauties and water rats who are looking for secluded sandy beaches, crystal clear sea water and magical coral reefs.

The island paradise in the Caribbean stretches between Cuba's east coast and the southeast coast of Florida. In total, the paradisiacal island state consists of almost 700 islands, 29 of which are among the larger. Around 660 smaller, partly uninhabited islands (cays) as well as more than 2,300 colorful coral reefs and rock formations still belong to this dreamlike Caribbean archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean.

You will find peace and seclusion on the small, lonely cays. Rent a kayak and explore the breathtaking island world with its turquoise water on your own. Here you can sunbathe, swim and snorkel carefree. Many bathers also come with picnic baskets and tents to experience the romance of a campfire. However, since some of the cays are privately owned, it is advisable to find out which destinations are particularly worthwhile from the boat rental company or the tour guide before exploring the area.

The touristic islands of the Bahamas

The tourist islands of the Bahamas offer extensive beaches, pretty hotel complexes, cozy beach bars, diving schools and many attractive leisure opportunities. This primarily includes the main island of New Providence with its capital Nassau and the offshore sister island Paradise Island. The tourist strongholds of the island state are located here. The northernmost island of Grand Bahama with the city of Freeport, the second largest city in the Bahamas, is also developed for tourism. Other vacation options can be found on the more tranquil islands, such as Bimini, which with its enchanting black coral gardens is one of the most popular diving paradises in the region. Optimal diving and snorkeling conditions also prevail on the large Andros Barrier Reef, on the island of the same name and in the Thunderball Grotto, which is known from a James Bond classic. Open to tourists and worthwhile vacation or excursion destinations as part of a Bahamian stay include Cat Island, Long Island, Abaco, San Salvador, Inagua and the Exuma Islands. The latter are especially famous for their trusting swimming pigs, which bathers can feed with small treats. But there are many other wonderful places and places that you should not miss on a trip to the Bahamas. We inform you about the most beautiful islands, the most interesting cities and the most attractive excursion destinations of the Caribbean island paradise.

New Providence Island and Nassau - The Heart of the Bahamas

The tourist and cultural center of the Bahamas is New Providence Island with the pulsating capital Nassau. Around 65 percent of the local population live on the approximately 33-kilometer-long island. Another 16 percent populate the island of Grand Bahamas and the rest live on the so-called "Out Islands", also often referred to as "Family Islands". The historic city center of Nassau impresses with its colonial architecture. Colorful wooden houses with pastel-colored shutters characterize the image of the city with almost 250,000 inhabitants. Numerous historical buildings, fortresses and a majestic staircase provide varied photo opportunities. In the lively Bay Street there is a Caribbean flair and numerous pretty shops invite you to shop and browse. In the cozy street cafes and bars you can relax with a cool refreshment and watch the hustle and bustle in peace. You will quickly get used to the tropical serenity of the Bahamas. But modern infrastructure and a wide range of entertainment for all ages ensure an all-round relaxed and varied stay in Nassau. The beautifully landscaped beaches of Cabbage Beach and Cable Beach offer a variety of water sports activities and a lively beach life. A special highlight of the city is the picturesque natural harbor. Perfectly protected by the offshore Paradise Island, it is a popular destination for cruise ships from all over the world.

Worth seeing highlights in and around Nassau

The Pompey Museum, named after the slave of the same name from the Exuma Islands, is worth a visit. Here you will learn interesting facts about the time of the African slaves in the Bahamas. Also worth visiting is modern and contemporary art home to the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas. The “Junkanoo” museum tour is also worthwhile for art lovers. The magnificent "Bahamas Riviera" is recommended for a relaxed stroll and as a souvenir hunter you will surely find what you are looking for at the colorful straw market. A tour through the distillery of the "John Watings Distillery" in the old town of Nassau is also varied. The famous Caribbean rum "Spirit of The Bahamas" is produced here in this bright red house with its light blue shutters and the elegant white veranda. The largest hotel complex in the Caribbean island state is located on Paradise Island just outside Nassau. The legendary Atlantis offers a huge casino world and has the largest marine aquarium on earth. The island can be easily reached via two long bridges. Dolphin tours are also offered from Paradise Island, where you can watch the friendly marine mammals in their natural habitat. By the way, Paradise Island is also home to one of the most gorgeous powdered sugar beaches in the whole of the Bahamas.

Beaches near Nassau

Beach life is most diverse around Nassau. Most of the hotel complexes are located on the largest beach on the main island of New Providence, Cable Beach. Numerous beach vendors cavort here and you can surf, play beach volleyball or go jet skiing. About 11 kilometers west of Nassau is Caves Beach. If you prefer a little less hustle and bustle, Love Beach is worth it. Here you can snorkel wonderfully, because right in front of the beach is the so-called "Sea Garden", a subtropical paradise of aquatic plants, ferns and colorful corals and fish.

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Worthwhile excursion destinations

For nature lovers, a visit to Clifton National Park is worthwhile. Here you will find wonderfully secluded beaches, such as Flipper Beach. If you are lucky, you can enjoy this dream beach all by yourself. A boat trip to the legendary "Pic Beach" from the island of Great Exuma is also a special experience. The lively pigs swimming in the sea are always a tourist attraction and good photo opportunities.