How can I be a famous star

Contact celebrities

Contact the celebrity through their agent or press officer.There are many reasons you might want to contact a well-known person. Maybe you would like to meet them personally, get an autograph, but maybe you also want to get in touch with them on business, for example to discuss advertising deals. Usually, celebrities do not take care of their own business, but you first have to negotiate with agents in order to book them for performances, concerts, endorsements, films or similar things. Press officers take care of everything public relations, such as newspaper articles, blogs, and interviews.
  • The agent, manager and press officer are all their own cogs in the celebrity's gears. They take care of the business part and the image of the star. There are several ways you can get in touch with them.
  • The manager advises the celebrity on career issues and signs (often together with the agent and the celebrity himself) contracts and business deals.
  • The easiest way to get in touch with these people is through e-mail, as this is the channel through which most of the business communication takes place. E-mail histories can be traced retrospectively and are usually the preferred type of communication.
  • The telephone is also an option, but it is certainly not the most promising. Also, don't forget that many agents have assistants and receptionists who are unlikely to put you through to the object of your desire.
  • In principle, the post office is not a particularly optimal solution, unless you send free product samples, for example. And even then, you should have discussed with a representative via email or phone beforehand, that you're going to send something.
  • Please note that one should only contact representatives of celebrities for business inquiries or press matters, not with fan mail.
  • Many celebrities change their representatives every now and then. You can track these changes via booking databases.
  • A celebrity's manager is involved in all aspects of their career. Lesser known people may only have one manager. This is usually extremely busy, but he is can help you contact your star personally.
  • Although the press spokesman for a celebrity usually does not have much decision-making power when it comes to business, he is an important part of the team, because he makes sure that his celebrity looks as good as possible in public. That's why he's the one you should turn to if you want a press or fan pass for a particular concert or event.
  • You may be able to find out who their manager, agent, or spokesman is on your star's Facebook page.
  • Search for your celebrity in the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) or Wikipedia. These pages often contain information about the various representatives of famous people. Once you've found them, it'll be easy to google related contact details. [12]