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Not just the US? Microsoft could seek global TikTok acquisition

The Financial Times reported that Microsoft is aiming for a complete takeover of TikTok. Previously, the tech giant had only negotiated a purchase of the app in the US, New Zealand, Canada and Australia with Bytedance - the company behind TikTok. It is still unclear how reliable this information is. Because the online magazine Business Insider reported on an insider conversation, according to which the speculations about a global takeover are unfounded:

However, a person familiar with the matter told Business Insider the report is 'completely false'.

Microsoft has not yet commented on the reports.

After the takeover of Microsoft: is TikTok making a comeback in India?

Microsoft announced its interest in taking over the app for selected markets last Sunday. Above all the USA. Because TikTok is threatened with extinction here if Bytedance does not sell the app to a US company by September 15. According to the Financial Times report, a global takeover of the app would not include the Chinese sibling app Douyin. If such a deal is in the room, negotiations are still in the early stages.

If Microsoft actually takes over TikTok worldwide, the app could make a comeback in India - the country with the largest user base outside of China. Because India banned TikTok along with numerous other Chinese apps in June. It is conceivable that the Indian government will lift the ban on TikTok as soon as a US company acts in the background. According to the Financial Times report, however, a global takeover of the app could take place more slowly than expected. According to Insider, it could take eight years for the purchase to be completed.

Microsoft could take over TikTok worldwide